Importance of YouTube in Nutrition Marketing

Youtube has become more than an entertainment destination. Period



Young YouTube

“Me at the zoo” – On April 24, 2005, first-ever video uploaded on YouTube.

Since then, YouTube has come a long, long way; from 0 to 1 billion viewers in just a decade!


YouTube today

Did you know?

YouTube is the second most searched engine in the world.


Pretty evident why it presents a massive opportunity for content providers, right?

It isn’t just fun, entertainment and games. There’s a lot more to YouTube. It has become a platform that can help you grow your any and all kinds of businesses.


Youtube and Healthcare

As the importance of video content becomes increasingly evident, more and more businesses are turning to video. Talking about healthcare marketing, especially nutrition marketing today, patient expectations are changing. The way they look at healthcare is transforming along with the ways they consume care.


According to another interesting fact is that searches related to the term “how to” are growing 70 percent year over year. This means that when users are searching for ways to know something, they rely on video content. For eg. how to cure acidity naturally  or how to lose weight, etc.


Why is YouTube essential when it comes to Nutrition Marketing?

People prefer watching engaging videos rather than reading long content. Videos offer an array of advantages when it comes to sharing health information. For eg. If you want to curate 5 easy lunchbox ideas for kids for the mommies, instead of simply penning down the names of the dishes and their recipes in pointers, you can actually shoot some short clips of the ingredients along with preparing methods and collate it with some voiceover and add the text as subtitles. This way, it becomes easy for your audience to understand the recipe. Audio-visual together holds a higher potential of information retention. Plus, a youtube video aids you with SEO and helps you rank higher on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


How to use youtube for nutrition marketing?

There is no rocket science but some calculated measures for sure. So here is an optimum process you may follow –

  1. Set up your channel
  2. Mind the content you plan
  3. Stay versatile in creativity but niche in topics
  4. Maintain Consistency
  5. Opt for affiliate marketing
  6. Bond with your audience
  7. Measure the response and amend accordingly


Well, if this looks like a tiring task, digital healthcare solutions providers like Nth Sense can help you set a competitive and ideal plan as per your requirement.

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YouTube best practices that gets your channel seen:

  • Titles

Using the right keywords allows both YouTube and your audience to know what your content is about, helping your video rank higher; because YouTube utilises SEO. More apt your titles are chances are your marketing is heading for success, i.e. visibility and conversion.


  • Thumbnails

The creative visual aid of your channel is the first thing that draws the attention of your audience. Creating a thumbnail which shares what the video is about in a fun, engaging and creative way boosts the engagement rate


  • Video tagging

It helps viewers find your content and increase traffic to your channel. Keywords play a critical role here as it makes your video visible to the right audience through a broad spectrum of searches.


  • Description

It gives more context on the content while allowing to provide additional sources of information. Adding description also allows you to tag more of your business, blogs, products and other social media accounts.



The mobile-friendliness of the YouTube app is one of its most appealing factors and certainly something to take advantage of.


To close-

With people becoming more health-conscious than ever before, they are ready to consume health content in all ways possible, especially Videos when they are long and informative like on Youtube. So get going with youtube for nutrition marketing, period!

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