Make medical videos that help explain healthcare

Medical videos refer to video content referring to medicines, healthcare, medical conditions, or medical professionals. They can range from explainer videos that inform the viewer of the symptoms of a particular disease to vlogs that showcase the life of a doctor or nurse.


These videos educate the general public on basic healthcare, help medical students to obtain information for their course, and allow medical aspirants to have a peek into the life of a medical practitioner. They have made medical information easily accessible and are now a considerable part of health communication and marketing.


Uses of Medical Videos

Medical videos can be beneficial for the general public as well as medical students. Here are some of their uses:


  1. They can inform viewers about inculcating healthy practices to avoid catching certain infections and diseases.


  1. Medical videos can instruct proper dosage of medications and explain how their chemistry and biology work.


  1. They can help viewers identify the causes of their disease and inform them of various treatment options.


  1. Healthcare videos can also help caretakers treat and manage patients and give a tutorial on operating their medical devices.


  1. They can provide information about the symptoms of diseases and caution people about the stage at which they must seek professional help.


  1. Videos answering frequently asked questions are a great way to reduce patient anxiety about some common queries.


  1. Videos from survivors or patients of chronic illnesses can provide insight into the management of the disease and offer advice on an optimal lifestyle, support groups, healthcare services, etc.


  1. Medical videos are a vital tool in marketing as they help build trust and relationships with your consumers.


5 Tips for Making Videos Explaining Healthcare


While making medical videos, here are some things you can keep in mind to make an informative and impactful video:


  1. Know your Audience

Before you script your content, it is important to determine whether your viewers are ordinary people or people with medical training. Videos addressing the general public should be easy to understand and simplify medical terminologies. On the other hand, in videos for students and professionals in the healthcare industry, you can include technical terms, diagrams, and even expert appearances.


  1. Be Empathetic

If your viewers are patients or their relatives, you need to be mindful of their vulnerability and anxiety. Provide reassurance to them, be compassionate of their plight, and exhibit empathy while you explain the concept in an informative tone.


  1. Creative Video Editing

Make your videos engaging and interesting using graphics, photos, audio and visual clips, and text. To edit and prepare your videos, opt for a video maker that offers these features. The extent of using these features can differ based on whether your video is targeted at professionals, the general public, or kids.


  1. Use a Light Tone

Matters pertaining to health and healthcare are often sensitive and may even be taboo. Use a positive tone in your videos. For instance, while explaining the symptoms, treatments and effects of a chronic illness, ensure that you are hopeful. However, your video should not sound so cheerful that it seems insensitive.


  1. Choose the Correct Length

The appropriate duration of the video will be based on the content and the target audience. Explainer videos for the general public should be short and concise. However, videos aimed at healthcare professionals and students can be more detailed, providing an in-depth understanding of the concept.


Ideas for Videos Explaining Healthcare


Here are some video ideas to make engaging and informative medical videos:


  1. FAQ Videos

Make a list of the frequent queries that patients have about certain symptoms, diseases or medications. You can make a video addressing these common queries and put your patients at ease. You can add these videos to the FAQs section of your website as well.


  1. Precautionary Measures Videos

It is vital to inform the public of the various safety measures to be undertaken by them to prevent illnesses. Additionally, these videos can also be made for medical staff to instruct them on the maintenance of equipment and a healthy environment in a clinic or hospital. These safety precautions can be generic or specific to a particular disease, like COVID-19.


  1. Videos Explaining Medical Procedures

You can make videos where healthcare professionals explain, with illustrations, how certain medical procedures are carried out and what their uses, effects, and dangers are. These videos will be instrumental in medical e-learning and will also help patients understand procedures they may have to undergo.


  1. Patient Testimonials

Testimonial videos are a great marketing tool and can foster trust among prospective patients. Videos where your previous patients describe their positive experiences with your organization have a great impact and build reliability.


  1. Educational Videos

These explainer videos provide essential information on certain medical conditions, medications, or even medical education and practice. You can inform patients about their conditions, their symptoms, treatment options, and prognosis.


You can make videos that explain the composition and working of medications, along with their side effects. You can also provide insights to aspiring medical students into medical education, different career prospects in the healthcare industry, and specialities that can be pursued.


  1. Videos about Healthcare Professionals

Videos introducing healthcare professionals are a marketing tool that must be part of your content strategy. These videos will make your prospective patients familiar with your staff. Having knowledge of their experience and qualifications will make patients feel more comfortable while being treated by them.



Making medical videos requires adequate planning but is highly rewarding. These videos will create awareness about your organization, build trust and reliability among patients and prospective patients, and impart essential information.


Healthcare video marketing is on the rise, and you can make a sizable impact on your viewers by incorporating these helpful tips in your content marketing strategy. To make creative, high-quality medical videos, you can use InVideo, an easy-to-use online video editing platform that offers a wide array of preconfigured, blank and premium templates, and allows you to add photos, videos, music, stickers, text and animations, make multilingual videos, and experience a seamless video-making experience. 

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