Benefits of Becoming a Nurse

Over 50 percent of all healthcare workers are nurses and midwives. As of 2020, the world has recorded over 20 million midwives and nurses across the globe. Despite the seemingly large number, there are still not enough healthcare experts in this field to cater to the world’s growing population. The World Health Organization has predicted that by 2030, the world will require 9 million nurses and midwives to fill this gap. For many people, venturing into healthcare offers them the chance to make a huge contribution to society. Listed below are a few benefits that come with being a nurse.


Job Security

All over the world, nurses are always in high demand. However, for those in developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, the chance of finding a job after graduation is slightly higher.

The healthcare sector is known for offering job security to workers. Job security means that after school and throughout your career journey, you will always have career growth options to choose from. However, it helps to take an msn fnp course. With such certification at hand, you can specialize and venture into different fields


Personally Rewarding

Many people live trying to find their purpose, and some find it in giving. When you work as a nurse, you deal with people in need of care daily. Although this may seem distressing to outsiders, for most nurses, this is the essence of such a job and what makes them find fulfillment. Nurses bring with them the mental stability to cope with difficult tasks. Many even say they love their job because it’s personally rewarding. They can care for ill patients, working hard to improve their health, while receiving doctor guidance. Nurses are known to save many lives daily, which is more than enough motivation for them to wake up every day, looking forward to going to work.


Professional Development

In nursing, there are countless opportunities for career advancement into other fields, such as ward management, senior nursing, and administration. The higher you want to grow, the more work experience and recognition you’ll need from other healthcare professionals and managers in senior positions. As a nurse, you must curate and work with a set number of goals to make you grow professionally. Additional courses, such as a Postgraduate in Nursing, will set you up to rise through the ranks and enjoy increased salaries, amongst others.



A nursing career is flexible, allowing you to do more with your time and schedule. Working hours in nursing are organized into shifts, as opposed to the regular fixed set work hours that many other professionals must endure. This means that nurses don’t work the typical 9-5, which is good. However, they must work long shifts on duty, often during unsocial hours. However, the good news is that with shifts, you can work different days throughout the week at different times.

If you’re looking for a people-centered job and want to run away from staring at the computer all day, nursing is a great job that allows you to contribute to society. It’s demanding but highly profitable and personally rewarding.

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