How Do Bakeries Add Photos on Birthday Cakes

Who doesn’t want personalization on their birthday cakes? Everyone does! This is why most of us order photo cakes online! If you really want to make your birthday cake stand out, you must go for one of the excellent bakeries for birthday cakes that could help you with providing the best birthday cake delivery in Los Angeles. 

Before that, we would like to ask you ‘Have you ever wondered how custom kids’ birthday cakes are made with photos on them?’

Birthday cakes are one of the most important parts of birthday celebrations. What is the type of cake that you like the best? Is it a photo cake? If yes, then do you know what’s the reason behind the preparation of photo cakes or how are photos added to birthday cakes? 

Photos are added for personalization. Sometimes, when you want to make the person feel special, it’s very important to add their picture to it. And, adding a picture to the cake is itself something really amazing and important. What’s your favorite type of cake or what’s the flavor you like the most? Whether it’s vanilla or chocolate or strawberry? You can add photos to any type of cake irrespective of the flavors. 

Birthdays are one of the most amazing days of your life and cake decorations are also very important. There are a few cakes that have personal messages written on them, while some have photos on them. Others have favorite cartoon characters or superheroes, fairies, or angels that make the moment even more special for the kids. When you go to the bakers, they call such special cakes ‘special treats photo cakes’. The picture on the cake is just like the one that you’ll see in a frame hanging on a wall. However, the difference between the photo on the wall and the one on the cake is that you can eat your own picture on the cake. Isn’t it cute yet amazing? 

Let’s understand how photo cakes work. How can you eat such cakes and call them edible?  It’s a fairly simple process where you need to be grateful to modern technology initially. Bakers put the pictures on the cake i.e. a digital photograph and you’re good to go. If not, you can always scan and create a digital file for the same. And, an edible photo for the birthday cake can be printed at home on your printer. There are some home printers that can print digital photo files easily. There are two things i.e. paper and ink that are required for you to print. 

In case, you have a digital file and a printer, then you can arrange for paper and ink. Paper is usually used for edible pictures and is also known as frosting sheets or icing paper. 

Initially, icing papers were made from rice, and at present, there are many different types of frosting sheets and icing papers available in the market. Now, you’ll see icing sheets and frosting papers made from a variety of diverse materials like cornstarch, diversity, sugar, and starch mixtures. 

Similarly, there are edible and non-toxic links that are used to print photographs onto the frosting sheets. These are the special types of inks which are made from sugar and food coloring. Most of the edible pictures have little textures and no major taste, however, they are designed to dissolve the most part on the top of the frosted cake. Once it’s dissolved, the picture looks like it was printed directly on your birthday cake. Isn’t it awesome? 

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Wishing you a wonderful birthday!


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