Zymot: Way to fertility

It is possible to prepare intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) sperm in the IVF laboratory with the use of a ZyMot device, also known as a chip, which is available (ICSI). To show motility, ZyMot relies on the sperm actively moving through the membrane filter of the chip, which is housed inside the chip.


Because centrifugation has been associated with sperm membrane stress and damage in certain studies, this technique excludes centrifugation from the equation to imitate normal conception.


In recent years, medical discoveries have opened up new opportunities for fertility specialists to assist their patients in a number of different ways. The ZyMot microfluidic sperm selection device is a technological breakthrough that has just recently been achieved. The ZyMot device, which the FDA has licenced, was released last year to aid embryologists in selecting the highest-quality sperm for in vitro fertilisation (IVF). In addition, preparation for the related in vitro fertilisation approach known as ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), in which a single, isolated sperm cell is directly put into an egg, is performed using this technique.

Is Zymot a suitable match for my requirements?


As the ZyMot can only be used for ICSI if at least 1 million motile sperm are in the sample, samples with lower numbers or exceptionally poor motility will have to be prepared using the conventional method. If you wish to utilise ZyMot on the day of your ICSI treatment, an embryologist will be able to inform you whether or not it will be available on that day, and any money you paid for it will be refunded.


The efficacy of Zymot has yet to be shown.



  • As ZyMot is a relatively new technology, there isn’t much evidence supporting its use and confirming the benefits that many research and clinical teams have asserted.
  • We’ve reviewed the most recent scientific research on ZyMot (published between 2017 and 2020) and have come to the following conclusion: ZyMot is a safe and effective treatment option.
  • When compared to conventional sperm preparation processes, ZyMot significantly lowered sperm counts.
  • Compared to standard processes, ZyMot-prepared sperm were shown to be better in overall motility, correct sperm morphology (shape), and sperm DNA fragmentation levels, among other factors.
  • There was no noticeable difference between the two ways tested when it came to boosting the pace of movement.
  • When compared to conventional sperm preparation procedures, ZyMot sperm separation resulted in a much greater incidence of clinical pregnancy than the latter.


The Bottom Line


The small number of studies included in our analysis and the fact that data from a single study was re-used twice made it difficult to draw conclusions. Due to the fact that microfluidic sperm selection has an impact on both sperm parameters and reproductive outcomes, further high-quality research is required.


At Icloudhospital, our specialists have employed ZyMot chips for fertilisation, embryo development, and pregnancy with great success, and they are well-versed in their use and application.

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