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A body transformation program that worked for a man may not give the same result to a woman. This is because both genders have biological differences that affect their result. 


Both men and women can be strong and fit at the same level. But the approach to reach their fitness is not necessarily the same. This is because women’s bodies are different from men’s. Many biological factors lead to these differences and affect the result. Men and women have different levels of hormones as well as body fat. These variables can hugely affect how you gain or lose weight. Hence, body transformation female programs are designed for a women’s body. 


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Body transformation female program: how does it differ from men transformation?


Surprisingly, men have an easier time gaining muscles and getting in shape than women. Men can also shred pounds and adapt their bodies to lift heavier weights easily than women. These are the main factors why a women need a specific body transformation female program:


Testosterone – Women, when compared to men, have lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen. Testosterone is a hormone that promotes muscle mass. Whereas, estrogen leads to the growth of muscle cells. Hence, women need to work harder to lose weight and gain muscle.


Higher body fat:  women have a higher body mass index. Meaning they have more fat than men. A healthy woman has about 5% higher fat than a man. 


Muscle mass: Due to higher testosterone levels and low BMI, men tend to have more muscles than women. 


Muscle fiber- studies show that men have slightly more muscle fibers. This results in a difference in strength between men and women.


These differences play a big role when it comes to training and fitness. But this is not to say that a woman can not build a body as effectively as a man. Body transformation female programs offer nutrition guidelines and workout plans made especially for a female body. And this personalised approach can give an easy and fast result. 


Right training for women 

One common myth among women is that lifting weights will bulk them up. Well, that is the reason why they don’t see good results in most cases. While cardio helps you burn fat and promote good health. It is not the only option for you. My body transformation female program helps you get on a lifting routine. This will not only fast-track your result but also improve your strength. 


Guide to diet 

Another difference between men’s and women’s diets is how they perform on a high-fat meal. Research says that women find a high-fat diet 15% more satiating than men. Meaning women can do better on a high-fat diet than men. The reason is women burn more fat and fewer carbs and protein when compared to men.

However, the benefits of a high or low-fat diet can vary individually. This is why body assessment is very important in creating body transformation plans. 

12 weeks body transformation female program comes with a guide for your daily nutrition. With your daily caloric needs figured out, your diet will be optimized to keep you energetic while losing pounds. 


So if you are a woman struggling to achieve that dream body, then get in touch. The 12-week body transformation female program is designed to help you transform your physique. Body Transformation Female Program 

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