Practical Reasons to Rent Medical Equipment

Issues often crop up in life that are not planned for. For example, illness and injury can cause someone to need help to live their best life.

Should this illness or injury result in reduced mobility, help is needed. For many people, it is not workable to hire a permanent assistant, but medical aids can help them to keep their independence for longer.

Some aids, such as mobility scooters, can be expensive, which can deter people from purchasing them. Luckily, many companies allow patients to rent medical equipment, and compared to buying it, this offers many advantages.

Here are some of the key benefits of renting medical aids instead of buying them.

Testing it out

It happens to many people, even with items such as new pieces of kitchen equipment! You buy it only to find that it isn’t a suitable match for you.

The same goes for medical equipment. Some people are better suited to manual wheelchairs, whereas others prefer motor based—and this is what makes life so interesting! Renting medical aids from companies such as Bosshard Medical allows you to explore your options, as well as getting a better understanding of what your needs are. All without spending a fortune!

Get professional insight

When it comes to medical aids, the underlying goal for those selling the productsis often to make money.

With renting options, you may be able to seek medical and professional insight—both of which are helpful tools.

It is hard to know everything about the specs when buying medical aids, but with a rental, you have the option of having these assessed for you. Remember, buying the wrong medical aid doesn’t simply lead to discomfort—it can cause serious injury, especially for those who need help with walking or standing up. Renting also allows you to change between devices without hassle. Therefore, it doesn’t waste money, or cause you to use a tool that isn’t helpful for longer than needed.


Every few years, new models come out. This is true for cars, computers, and even medical aids, which means it can be expensive to keep on-trend. This may sound frivolous, but if you have a degenerative disorder, it is essential to keep you both safe and mobile.

If you were buying these devices, this could cost a small fortune. With renting, however, you can upgrade without the extra cost. You will have to return the previous model, of course.

It is also worth checking what a newer upgrade will also include. For example, are free repairs or assessments included if there are concerns about its function? With some companies, this can be extra. So, shop around!

Free maintenance and repair

Following on from the last point, repairs can be costly—especially if you have bought the item in question and it suddenly breaks down.

Repairs and maintenance are often included when you rent medical equipment such as a wheelchair, although depending on the company, what is included may differ slightly. If you are renting a wheelchair from a pharmacy, you may need to take it into the shop for repair, whereas other companies may offer to collect it for free.



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