Examining the COVID-19 Pandemic as an Experimental Vaccine Program Run by the Chinese MilitaryReveals itsTies to Dr. Ralph Baric’s Research at UNC.

Bombshell report from the author of the first peer-reviewed paper to examine a laboratory origin for SARS-C0V-2 concludes that the global pandemic was the result of a live-attenuated vaccine program for a SARS-like virus run by the Chinese military, which unexpectedly deattenuated and began human-to-human transmission at the Wuhan Military Games, seeding the ongoing global pandemic.           Experimental Vaccine 



Despite being contacted by William Broad of the New York Times in February 2020 to ask if the White House was following their work, Josh Rogin of the Washington Post in September 2020 after being published in a peer-reviewed journal, Drew Griffin with CNN in October 2020 for his story about a laboratory origin, and speaking extensively with Nicholson Baker before he wrote aNew York Magazine in November 2020 that would shamelessly plagiarize the father-son team– none of the reporting from any of theseinstitutions nor any other mainstream publication in the entire country covering the COVID-19 Pandemichas referenced the peer-reviewed work of Dr. Karl Sirotkin and his son, Dan Sirotkin.

Although the mainstream media chose to either ignore or steal from it, prior to its peer reviewed publication their work was published extensively on Zero Hedge after it made international headlines getting kicked off Twitter for alleging the Chinese military played a role in the origins of the pandemic. These pieces gained millions of views, and since Zero Hedge was the first organization to draw widespread media attention to a laboratory origin for SARS-CoV-2, it is strange that the mainstream reporters who have lately started to cover a laboratory origin for the pandemic in 2021 still refuse to cite the Sirotkins’ seminal work, and all of their editors appear to be content to simply let their own writers steal from it.

Dr. Karl Sirotkin is a 40-year PhD in Microbiology and the designer of dbSNP, with nearly 20 years of molecular wet-work experience. He previously taught molecular virology at the University of Tennessee, and worked within the Theoretical Biology Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. At the time of his retirement from government service, Dr. Sirotkin had more years working for GenBank than any other staff member – with his 28 years of service on the world’s premiere DNA sequencing database making him one of the most experienced scientists on the planet when it comes to managing and analyzing genomic sequences.

Dr. Sirotkin and his son, an ex-con and retired NSA counterterrorism analyst, began writing publicly about the pandemic in January 2020. A paper derived from this work became the first peer-reviewed examination of a laboratory origin for SARS-CoV-2, published by BioEssays in August 2020: Might SARS-CoV-2 Have Arisen via Serial Passage through an Animal Host or Cell Culture?This paper questioned whether gain-of-function research may have played a role in the COVID-19 Pandemic, since experimental viruses have a long history of leaking out of labs, and when they do the governments responsible for them historically try to cover the leaks up.

This article was followed by a peer-reviewed addendum, which demonstrated that the pandemic strain of H1N1 Swine Flu which leaked out of a Soviet lab had been engineered, presumably by serial passaging.

As recently as 2012, this gain-of-function work was done using the serial passage influenza viruses through ferrets, and as the paper notes:As soon as SARS-CoV-2 encountered mink farms it jumped immediately into them in over a dozen different countries, requiring the culling of many millions of minks. This is exactly what would be expected from a virus that was serially passaged through ferrets in a laboratory, since ferret and mink are overlapping species.

However, no mainstream American news or science organization has noted this obvious association between mink and serial passage gain-of-function work, and have widely condemned the idea of an engineered laboratory origin for the novel coronavirus as a “conspiracy theory.” Perhaps this is because mainstream American journalists are no longer interested in the truth, and are happy to be paid to slurp down as much disinformation as possible from the pharmaceutical and defense companies who intend to make billions and billions of dollars from gain-of-function research, before snowballing these lies all over the faces of an unwitting American public.

Additionally, as the attached legal motions reveal, there’s been a concentrated effort from a cabal appearing to represent the interests of billionaires who want to be able to play God with the human genome, and continue gain-of-function work on the human germline at the Broad Institute.

And so due to the ongoing unwillingness of a single American journalist employed by a corporate parent to engage honestly with the peer reviewed science that was published free online in August 2020, Dan, one of the original members of D.R.A.S.T.I.C. who tweets via @Harvard2H used hisbackground studying history at Harvard and experience as a DoD Counterterrorism Analyst to publish a bombshell new whitepaper that ties research done on live-attenuated vaccines at UNC to the genesis of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This report ties the long history of mysterious military illnesses to concerns around experimental vaccine work, first highlighted back in 1975 when Paul Berg was considering an experiment that would deal with the monkey-virus that was often found in the live-attenuated polio vaccine, OPV. However, the inherent danger of tinkering with the DNA of dangerous pathogens and forcing them to interact with the human genome was stark enough for the Asilomar Conference to be called, to design rules regulating this kind of research.

Unfortunately, its recommendations were apparently ignored by the scientists whoserially passaged the 1918 Pandemic Strain of H1N1 in 1977, presumably in either a Soviet or Chinese military laboratory where vaccine work was being done, which leaked out and became the poster-child for the risks posed by gain-of-function research. As the whitepaper explains, this may not be the first experimental vaccine strain to cause a pandemic, as there is a credible line of argument that notes HIV has no known zoonosis and points to an experimental polio vaccine given only to some remote African villages, used as guinea pigs as the disenfranchised so often are.

And in the decades that followed, this experimental work became absurdly lucrative, earning billions and billions of dollars for the live-attenuated FluMist vaccine that proved ineffective, and peaking recently when the companies benefitting from it have proposed to the world’s governments that they will need tens of billions of dollars to continue their work of failing to prevent pandemics. Even worse, there is credible evidence that everything from the AIDS Pandemic, to both SARS and MERS, and even the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic – all originated from sloppy laboratory work alongside dangerous and unethical gain-of-function protocols, just like SARS-CoV-2.

This work peaked in 2019, when the Chinese Military adopted work done by Dr. Ralph Baric on live-attenuated vaccines for SARS-like viruses at UNC, the only institution in the world designing them, to create an experimental live-attenuated vaccine for SARS. The ability for live-attenuated vaccines to deattenuate into circulating vaccine-derived-viruses (cVDV) has largely been forgotten, however in 2019 far more cases of paralysis from polio were caused by cVDVes that circulate and deattenuate in areas with poor sanitation than the wild natural virus itself.

Also mimicking the cVDVes which started off as live-attenuated polio vaccines, is the pattern of mutations by SARS-CoV-2’s genome since the start of the pandemic. Instead of mutating in any recognizable natural pattern, the paper observes that this pattern of mutations appears nearly identical to the “gatekeeping” mutations observed as the live-attenuated polio vaccine deattenuates itself like the T-1000 in Terminator 2, slowly but inevitably recreating itself from tiny little seemingly-broken bits.

This process of a live-attenuated vaccine deattenuating is best understood within the quasispecies mutant swarm framework, which approaches RNA viral infections as statistical clouds of probability that emerge within individuals as infections spread in a fractal pattern from organ to organ, using sets ofoverlapping variants for discrete organ systems. These fractal patterns also appear over time among entire populations of hosts as they transmit different compositions of quasispecies swarms,that mix with each otherwithin the large protected spaces of crowded indoor environments, and jump from host to host.

The whitepaper links the same kinds of crowded conditions that lead to superspreading events in human populations, to poultry farms where multiple airborne RNA viruses have been challenging all attempts at vaccination programs for years. If on poultry farms, where vaccination with is mandatory and testing almost completely universal, and they can design bespoke vaccines to target the entirety of a virus’s genome, airborne RNA viruses still inevitably mutate towards highly-pathogenic states – why is humanity assuming that its ongoing transmission of the novel coronavirus will lead to attenuation and herd immunity?

Herd immunity does not exist on poultry farms, only constant illness and ongoing vaccinations and the constant emergence of more virulent strains – because when airborne RNA viruses are allowed to transmit with any freedom at all, they begin mutating towards the highly-pathogenic states which may be responsible for may immunological mysteries throughout human history. So by examining human pandemics as the products of a quasispecies swarm that’s often emerged alongside military campaigns, from the Trojan Wars to the English Sweat, up until modern day when the Chinese Military accidently unleashed the COVID-19 Pandemic while trying to use a live-attenuated virus at the Wuhan Military Games. Find out more by reading the complete whitepaper at the link a few paragraphs up!

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