7 men’s health issues that affect a person’s sex life

Protect men’s sexual health

Many things can affect people’s sex life. Stress and some chronic situations can interfere with men’s ability to have sex. Unhealthy living habits can be a problem in getting or keeping encouragement. But by making some healthy lifestyle changes and treating the underlying condition men’s can improve his sex life and his quality of life in general.men’s health issues 


  1. Smoking

Smoking exacerbates many health problems, including heart disease. However, men who smoke are also more likely to have erectile dysfunction (ED). The toxins in cigarette smoke can also damage sperm. This can make it difficult or impossible for the child’s father or mother. Quitting smoking can dramatically reduce the risk of these sexual and reproductive health problems. If you smoke and have trouble quitting on your own, ask your regular doctor or your public health department for help. Talking to ex-smokers can also give you more confidence.


  1. Practice

Being sedentary can lead to weight gain and older men are more suitable for ED. On the contrary, exercise can improve your sex life. The overall sexual performance of regularly physically active men may be better. This is because exercise increases your ability to rise and orgasm. You will see improvement if you get at least two hours of strenuous activity every week. Men who get about six hours of light activity a week can also enjoy these health benefits.


  1. Heart problems

Health problems that affect your heart and circulatory system can also affect your sex life. When you have sex, your brain sends signals to the nerves in your penis to increase blood flow. This creates an erection. However, if you have problems with clogged arteries, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol levels, these signals may break. This can lead to ED.


  1. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS can damage nerves running along the spine. If this happens, it can affect both your ability to get up and your ability to reach orgasm. MS can also reduce fatigue, mood swings and low self-esteem. All of these symptoms can affect your sex life. Men with MS who have sexual problems should talk to a doctor. Addressing these issues can improve your sex life and your enjoyment of life.



  1. Spinal cord injury

Some spinal cord injuries can affect your ability to have sex. Injury can disrupt sexual signals from the brain. Many men with spinal cord injuries can still get a boost, but many of these men do not ejaculate. Those who can still achieve an orgasm may feel it differently than before the injury. The impact of a spinal cord injury on your sex life depends on where the spinal cord injury occurred. It makes a difference how serious the injury is. Many treatments and devices are available to improve ejection as well as induce ejaculation.men’s health issues



  1. Diabetes

Over time, diabetes can damage key nerves and blood vessels, especially if you have trouble controlling your blood sugar levels. Damage can interfere with the blood supply to the penis. As a result, men with diabetes are much more likely to have ED than other men. Those who do not have diabetes are more likely to develop ED at a younger age. Regular control of blood sugar levels is key to avoid blood and other sugar complications. men’s health issues

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