What is the human immune system?

What is the human immune system?

The human immune system refers to the cells, tissues, and organs responsible for providing protection against foreign microbes and substances as well as their cells in which the genetic program has been disrupted. Any damage or malfunction in this system will result in the death of the entire organism.

Autoimmune attacks occur when the immune system attacks healthy cells in the body. In fact, the immune system is supposed to be a stronghold for the body against disease and foreign cells, such as bacteria & viruses.

Components of the human immune system

To date, the human system is represented by a combination of the following organs, tissues, and cells:

  • Central lymphoid organs (lymphoid formation, colonic lymphocytic, embryonic liver, bone marrow, and thymus).
  • Peripheral lymphatic vessels (spleen and lymph nodes).
  • Immune cells (monocytes, lymphocytes, polynuclear leukocytes, Langerhans cells, etc.).

In this case, all cells, tissues, and organs are important for the normal functioning of the immune system. Systems of the digestive system, genitourinary, and others) are very dependent on the level of immunity. If it decreases, the risk of developing certain infectious diseases, as well as the appearance of benign and malignant tumors, increases by one level. As a result, the body’s immunity system plays a large role in its normal functioning. Buy Ivermectin online and Ziverdo Kit the treat for viruses.

How does the human immune system work?

Immune response to the introduction of microorganisms is carried out at the expense of cells such as leukocytes. There are several types: neutrophils (scab, segmental nuclei, basophils, and eosinophils), monocytes, and lymphocytes (B-lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes, and NK-lymphocytes). Neutrophils first reach the site of infection and begin to destroy foreign microorganisms. By doing so, you can fight bacteria well. It is much more effective against lymphocytes. Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg is used to prevent and treat for malaria.

Because the human immune system can suppress most of the known microbes, it can remember many of them and quickly regenerate to deal with the problem (and with less loss to the organism itself).

It is worth noting that the boost system is very useful and can negatively affect human activity. This is most noticeable after organ transplantation. In fact, rejection often occurs due to the fact that immunity recognizes the tissue of the donor organ as foreign. As a result, people have to do complex research and wait for years for a suitable donor. Also, sometimes a woman’s immune system suppresses a person’s sperm that enters the health.

They are alien to their body or that they are dangerous. As a result, there is the so-called immunological incompatibility of partners. In order for such a couple to have children, it is necessary to use an immunosuppressant. If the mother’s Rh factor is negative and the fetus is positive, she may be immunized during the first trimester. As a result, when the next child turns out to be positive for the Rh factor, his mother’s immune system is actually under attack, developing a serious condition that threatens the fetus and herself.

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