Do hospitals give patients a good experience?

Hospitals give off amounts of anxieties. Whenever it calls for a visit, people anticipate the worst of what can happen to them. The thought of visiting a hospital can be mentally draining for people with high anxiety rates. That brings us down to the atmosphere of the hospitals as they are bound to give people anxiety even on the barest and most worrisome news. give patients



What do we mean by the atmosphere of the hospital?

Hospitals must contain an aura, more specifically the management team whose core aim is to be hospitable. The product or the services that a hospital body provides must be intact with the recent technological advancements. A patient’s experience can stand out only if their comfort is considered. Different types of patients need different types of comfort, like some would want good food, others would want great service, less noise, or a bed cooling pad inserted in for a topnotch comfort. Anything that makes a person feel less paranoid and more trusting towards the care unit that aims to provide comfort from its services. Even the architectural space and the aesthetics of the premises can define the atmosphere of the hospital whether it looks favorable and welcoming and whether it’ll get the person to attain that level of satisfaction in terms of comfort that they are especially looking for.


Hospitals must contain a landscape that surrounds more greenery and an open environment for the living-in patients to give patients-centric approach and a mindful rest. 

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Other than that, hospitals can endorse positive atmospheric approaches by containing;

  • Practices that are more centric on serving it’s patients 
  • A good Leadership approach 
  • Technological advancements and keep the types of equipment up to date
  • High coordination with its staff and with patients
  • Friendly pricing strategies 
  • Personalized special care units for sensitive patients 
  • Productive efficiency 


Changing the perceptions | Types of patients 

Hospitals are meant to be containing negative energy for they are created to tell people what is ‘wrong with them. However, the narrative can also be reversed by analyzing what ‘wrongs’ in a person can be corrected, if they go find a doctor, with a general good and welcoming energy. 


Positive connotations  Negative connotations
A change in the lifestyle  Everything is going to turn upside down 
A new challenge to live with  Wishing Curse upon oneself 
Getting inspired by others  Blaming others for the condition one is in
Hospitals are for helping one mediate their problems  Hospitals are financial and mental trap
Learning new set of beliefs and adjusting to new routines  Staying stubborn about the whole experience. 


You need to make sure that your lifestyle is positive enough to consider killing the uncalled anxieties. 

To let hospitals serve you right it is very important to rely on their services and have a mindset that would fight the negative connotations that come along with the thought of visiting a hospital. For example, if one gets diagnosed with skin ulcers, as petrifying the diagnosis is for the patient they would be more concerned about how if the treatment is going to turn out to be. What if it makes the skin more sensitive to high levels of stress? 


Hospital staff contributions 

Hospital bodies contain senior doctors, doctors, nurses, ward boys, janitors, and other support staff. The Organisational structure of a hospital must highlight the main purpose of each stakeholder to serve purposefully. Each of them with their duties and tasks to perform aid in the well-being of their patients. Their jobs are more hectic and tough considering they don’t just get to ‘visit’ the hospital but it is more like a second home to them. 


Staff  Duties 
Senior Doctors 
  • Specialises in treating, diagnosing all medical conditions. 
  • Have a specific specialisation, to name some; Orthopedics, Gynecologists, Dentists, Cardiologists, Neurologists etc. 
  • Monitoring and handling the patients 
  • Investigating for changes in the health stats on daily basis
  • Taking notes and informing the senior doctors
  • Caring for the patients that are in the hospital
  • Communicating with the doctors
  • Administering medicine 
  • Checking for vital discomfort or comfort signs
  • Taking care of patients hygiene 
  • Caring for patients 
  • Assisting the patient
  • Helping patients bathe
  • Taking care of the room services
  • Transporting the patient
  • Feeding them, taking complete care of the patients for any kind of discomfort.


Amidst performing their duties, which truly exhibits devotion and determination to serve the patients, people still feel that they do not care for enough. The code of conduct and the corporate culture must be aligned with what satisfies the entity’s consumers, that are, patients.  Getting on board the finest of doctors is just not enough. 



What is a restful experience – Patients expectations 

Just like any other consumer body expects the service they are getting to give them total comfort, care, and consideration of their needs, patients are one of the types that need all three with a hint of an extra effort by the firm in it. Since the motto of any hospital would be serving their patients with extra care and comfort, patients would expect it on a greater level. 



Here is a list of things that patients might expect from a hospital body 

  • Transparency – the patients expect the doctor to be truthful in their diagnosis and treatment so they can rely on and build a trustful relationship with the patients
  • Connection and care – patients are sensitive in all regards and doctors must consider that rightfully and grant them absolute care for them. 
  • Respectful treatment – as a human and with a relationship they share respect must be instilled in all doctors for any kind of patient they may get to treat. 
  • Empathy – practicing empathy would make your patient more comfortable with you in all regards. Care for patients like you would do for yourself. 
  • Clear instructions and time – doctors must not delay their availability and must give concise instructions on the dos and don’ts to their patients to avoid any ambiguities. 
  • Good communication and accessibility – communication is the first step to healthy relationship building, in addition, if the doctor is easily accessible and available that would help the patient be more confident in themselves.


By just discussing what is health maintenance and medicine doctors can really build the trust between them and their patients. By the time eventually communication gets better. 


Being a doctor and containing characteristics such that your patients can rely on you undoubtedly really brings big expectations for improvements in your patient’s health. 


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