The 5 Health and Safety Must Haves for All Businesses

Regardless of what business you are in and how many staff you have, this article will examine the health and safety must haves that you must have in place.

Fire safety protocol

Althougha fire safety protocol is part of the state regulations and a must have for all businesses, it is still regarded as an inconvenience for many businesses to conduct a fire alarm test, have a fire safety procedureas well as the associated staff to support such systems and processes. This is a critical part of the business’s health and safety policy and is probably one of the biggest risks of having so many different people working together in an office space or building. All staff should be clear as to the fire safety procedures and the appropriate action to take in case of a fire emergency.

A first aider on site

Accidents will happen; no idea when or how bad they might be, the secret to dealing with an accident is to be prepared at all times and as part of such preparation there must be someone who has been trained to at least level 3 first aid. Furthermore, they must be prepared to use such training at the workplace should it be required. As well as theseskills you will additionally need to ensure that there are first aid supplies.Well positioned designated first aid cabinets are the best means of doing this.

Employers general liability insurance

All workplaces should be insured against health and safety issues and the inadvertent harm from such towards their employees. Such insurance must be up to date and employees made aware of it. For many businesses it is imperative to have such insurance before you can operate in the USA and although it is not an immediate first aid need, it will go a long way to protecting the business in case of serious accident and harm to employees or others in the operation of the business.

Employee training

For employees to take responsibility for their own health and safety and the safety standards at their workplace, they will need to be informed and educated. Ongoing health and safety training and programs are the best proven means of keeping employees actively involved in organizational health and safety. The range of Health and safety training is wide, and the most can now be conducted online and even provided by the state at no cost depending on what it is. It is also only in consultation with employees that you will be able to determine all of the risks in the workplace.

Monitor and record incidents or the lack thereof

Health and safety must be recorded in the workplace. Knowing how many accidents occur (as well as near misses) and how don’t occur is a terrific way to understand the risks in the workplace. Therefore, having a system to record and monitor all health and safety is going to be a must-have for all businesses to create a clear understanding of the issue and related challenges.

Health and safety in the workplace is a major issue as well asa moral issue to ensure that your workforce are safe and protected when in your employ. Lastly, it is also paramount to show, live and breathe such health and safety protocols in the business if you want to attract investment and funding.

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