COVID-19 and Halloween: Keeping ‘Trick or Treating’ Safe

So trick or treating is back. 

Last year, Halloween was anything but fun and fantastic. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention advised kids to maintain social distancing and other precautions that kept them away from the virus and fun from Halloween. However, now a green light has been given for children nationwide. The sweet relief to celebrate the spookiest day of the year is coming.


Coronavirus cases are decreasing in the country and other such positive reports are allowing kids to enjoy their favorite time of the year. However, as a responsible parent or guardian, you should be aware of the real-time situation. Even though the coronavirus cases were -13% last week of September but community transitions are high due to the delta variant.


Kids aged 12 that are vaccinated are safe to trick or treat, but for the younger children, who are not yet eligible for vaccination, taking precautions is the right move.


Keeping children at home during the spookiest time is not an easy move. Kids that have already suffered by missing school fun and staying in isolation for a good 2 years are looking forward to some memorable times. Except, health experts believe that it is better to take precautionary measures for Halloween this time again, especially for children under 11 years or those unvaccinated.


So if you are going to do as the experts say, then you have to create a plan. A plan that keeps your children entertained at home and keeps you away from the guilt of killing the Halloween buzz.


Indoor Spooky Theme

Since the pandemic, we have celebrated all sorts of events indoors and with a minimum audience following precautionary measures. Halloween should not be anything exceptional when it comes to keeping your kids safe. As we said above, keeping kids at home when the rest of the world is out to trick or treating is not easy. Except, if you bring the outside fun inside your home then your kids will be more than delighted.


First thing first, make sure you decorate your home with all sorts of spookiness. Once the decor is done, it is time for creating some fun treats. There are tons of ideas on the internet to create Halloween theme treats for your kids and also for those who will visit your home.


Now comes the most important part. Your kids will enjoy spooky-themed home and treat for some time but after a few hours, they will crave some more entertainment. Here is when you should take help from TV shows. There are tons of great kid-friendly horror shows to keep your kids entertained and hooked. And since we are in the debate about keeping kids safe then it is better to avoid streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and more. Instead, you can create a fun TV show night with your kids on a reliable cable TV service.


With Spectrum Packages, you can enjoy a wide range of channels and have a fun-filled Halloween night. Also, you do not have to worry about age-restricted content popping up on your television screens.  Spectrum cable allows you to select your channel lineup. You can keep channels that are kids friendly so that even if you are not at home or not monitoring your child’s activity, they will be accessing harmless content.


The Traditional Set Up

If you have vaccinated kids and demand to trick or treat the usual way, then you need to make sure they follow the common COVID-19 precautions. Wearing masks, washing hands frequently, avoiding crowded places, maintaining social distancing, and other precautionary measures will help your child stay safe amid the pandemic and Halloween.

The Safer Halloween

Time is not far when we will celebrate our favorite days the way we want. Nevertheless, since we are living in times of a global pandemic, it is better to maintain safety precautions rather than getting your kids and loved ones in trouble.



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