7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Wall Decoration

Looking to give the perfect finishing to your house? Thinking of filling up the empty walls? Choose the perfect wall decoration and have a makeover to your space and just by reading out these few tips on how to choose the perfect wall decoration item you can help yourself in every possible way. As wall decoration can add a different style to your home plus art is an opportunity for self-expression. You can choose a wall full of mirrors, metal wall art, canvas wall art, hand-painted wall art, and a lot more.

If you feel stuck trying to decide what kind of art will look good in your space, or you already know what you like and simply need to find the right one, Dekor Company is here for you with an ample of home decor in India online options to guide you towards identifying pieces that fit your style and your space. As, when it comes to choosing the perfect wall art, making the right decision is very condemning. Some people face a challenge in selecting the right wall art for their space. So look over these few tips on how to choose the right style and size of the artwork, and how to arrange it on your walls for having a better space at your home.


Consider The Different Rooms At Your Home That You Are Buying For

For example, for your living room, vibrant and colourful pieces for your wall would go well whereas for your bedroom prefer lowering down the tone a little. Looking for abstract pieces with soothing colours or tone is a good option. Let’s not forget about the kitchen “heart of the house”. Here people should generally prefer a splash of colour, perhaps of nature art. So you should consider the wall decoration for various rooms differently. Find the unique pieces that best reflects your space. You can choose Desert Safari Metal Wall Art Panel for your living room, Buddha in Paradise Hand Painted Wall Painting for your bedroom, The Pearl River Shadow Box Wall Decoration Piece and Gondola Ride Framed Canvas Wall Art at different parts of your home.


Consider The Colors

Choose bright and vivid colours. What you can do is paint a single wall in a bright colour or metallics to make a statement in small spaces. Alternatively, use the tone-on-tone colouring technique which combines different saturation levels of the same colour or adorn the wall with colourful stripes or geometric patterns. At the same time, you should consider the wall color to make sure it complements it and does not create clutter. If you have dark walls, you may want to use light or light-coloured artwork, with the background rhyming with the wall colour. The colours you choose determine the tone of the room.


Choose The Right Size Wall Art And Should Know How To Hang It

And when you’re done considering the colours, having a perfect size is important. While considering the right size see whether it is too big, too small, too high, too low, or just right? The scale of your art and how you place it on the wall is almost as important as the subject of the piece itself. Many beginners tend to go too small and hang their art too high. The result is a room that is visually out of control and gives you the feeling that something is “wrong.”

Don’t you think the interior designers always get it right? How do they do it? It is very easy once you know a few simple math tricks. Here are some tips to help you choose the right scale for your art and hang it perfectly. Go for a bigger wall art when you’re in doubt. It looks more intentional than a small single piece of artwork. A bigger one fills up the visual space, makes a strong design statement, and looks more intentional than a small picture floating on an expanse of a blank wall. Keep in mind that the wall art should be hung in such a way that it is properly viewed from a standing position to a person.


Gallery Walls

Gallery walls – these art groupings create a feature wall with many smaller pieces, rather than one large one. These are so much in the trend right now. For gallery walls, you can arrange the collections symmetrically which includes in a row or a grid, and loosely which includes in a boxed form or a freeform. Gallery walls don’t just have to consist of neat or tidy rectangles. It is perfectly fine to mix mirrors, wall clocks, dimensional wall decorations, and other items that you wish to mix in. You have options such as The Milky Way Galaxy 3 Panel Framed Canvas Print, Nordic Golden Black Framed Canvas Wall Art, The Floral Ladies Framed Canvas Print and a lot more.


Hang Up Mirrors

Mirrors are more than a means of making sure you look perfect before heading out of your house. They can help fill the room with reflected light and make bare walls more interesting. Available in a variety of frame shapes, sizes, and styles, the mirrors can be used alone, in groups, or as part of a gallery wall. Users should use the same design principles for size and placement as you use for different types of wall decorations, but be careful about which mirror reflects visual clutter. Mirrors reflect light and help a small room feel bigger and brighter. Buy mirrors online and try hanging an oversized mirror or sporting several smaller salon-style pieces. Bathrooms, particularly, could do well with multiple mirrors that will not only reflect light but make for great artwork. You can look for Umbra Circular Frame Decorative Mirror, Dutch Antique Brass Finish Decorative Mirror and Mirage Gem Edge Decorative Mirror.


Don’t Overdo It

It’s not even necessary that you need to hang wall art or buy paintings online in India at each and every single available wall space in your house. This will only make your space look more chaotic and may communicate conflict rather than harmony. Most importantly, it takes away from the art being a focal point. Instead, leave some space that will make your other wall art shine.

When you have all these tips in your mind. Shop the perfect wall decoration pieces online only at The Dekor Company with an open mind. It offers various wall art paintings, decorative mirrors, metal wall art, modern swiss movement wall clock and a lot more to make your space just perfectly splendid. Any piece that attracts you and touches your soul will look great in your home. Stay open to everything, choose wall art by size and style, keep in mind the focal point, focus on the colour of wall art and remember not to overdo it.


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