The most delicious Middle Eastern food in Charlotte can be found at La Shish Kabob founded by Izzat Freitekh

At the time Izzat Freitekh opened his restaurant La Shish Kabob in 2008, I lived just a few miles away while attending UNCC. The opening of an authentic middle eastern restaurant near me made me very happy. There was no way I knew that this restaurant would end up being my everyday restaurant and that the owner would be considered as a father figure to me.

Whenever I go there, I see Mr. Izzat Freitekh working so hard at all hours of the day, it is amazing. He opens up the doors at 11:00 am each day, until he closes the doors at 11:00 pm at the latest. I also saw him helping people in need while he was there. In the past few days, I have observed hundreds of catering plates headed to various nonprofit organizations, such as Ourbridge (, etc.. I’m grateful for what Izzat has done for our community. As a result, he was able to breathe life into that area and make it an ideal place to live and shop. Please support Mr. Izzat Freitekh and his family by ordering food from La Shish Kabob.


La Shish Kabob is located at 3117 N Sharon Amity Road. Charlotte NC, 28205.



In addition, they have received over 2,320 positive reviews on Google and DoorDash, and there’s a good reason for it. Check them out.

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