What the Hell is Dirty Keto?

Whether you’re considering starting a dirty keto diet plan, occasionally dabble with dirty keto foods, or are a bona fide follower of the dirty keto craze, you’ll probably know that the plan is a more flexible version of the low-carb ketogenic diet, also known as the clean keto diet.


Whilst the clean keto diet is one that consists of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs – basically forcing your body to find another source of energy due to the almost total elimination of carbohydrates – the dirty keto version still follows the same breakdown of fats, protein and carbs yet places less emphasis on where the macronutrients come from.


Simply put, the restriction of carbs still puts your body into ketosis forcing it to burn stored fat, and in turn lose weight, however whilst the consumable foods on the clean keto diet are pretty strict, dirty keto foods can include burgers, processed cheese, and some sugar-free drinks, making this an easier option for your average Joe Bloggs. Are you a fan of a grass-fed steak topped with avocado and grated parmesan or a fast-food cheeseburger without the bun. As each of these nominally fit the high-fat, low-carb keto guidelines, this is the type of food you’ll eat of this plan.


A great choice for those who want to see weight loss results without giving up steak, bacon and cheese – although sorry guys, you’re gonna have to say goodbye to beer and other alcohol whist on the dirty keto diet plan – you can begin to understand why so many people are switching to this way of life. Try it yourself, give it a week, plan what dirty keto foods you’re going to devour, and if you’re feeling particularly motivated, dirty keto and intermittent fasting combined can have you shedding the pounds, losing bloat and feeling more energetic quicker than you can say Dirty Keto.

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