What is TMJ dysfunction and how to fix it?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint and known to the 2 joints that link your jaw mandible or bone, to the temporal bone of your skull. When working normally these joints permit you to move your chew, jaw and speak without jaw limitations or pain. Issues with the TMJ that lead to jaw pain are known as TMD. TMD can be debilitating and serious condition that can be hard to resolve. With a team involving your Fisioterapia ATM and a professional dentist patient can successfully eliminate their symptoms.

Why does my TMJ hurt?

The TMJ is a complex joint consisting of the 2 disc and a bones. In order to work rightly the joints on both side of your jaw must be capable to open in two phases. In the primary half of opening the mandible spins within the joint. This is followed by a translational phase where the mandioble and disc glide move on the temporalis bone to get complete opening. If this action of the joints on each side not coordinated it can be the reason of misalignment of the jaw and serious symptoms.

What are the symptoms of TMJ?

With TMD you can generally hear clicking when you close or open your mouth, which can be linked with stiffness and pain as well. Cases of TMD that are caused by muscle imbalances generally lead to a tense feeling around your head, jaw or neck. Other signs of TMD contain:

  • A click with jaw closing
  • A click with jaw opening
  • Pain with opening your mouth wide
  • Tightness and tension around your jaw joint, sides of your temple or face area
  • Pain with clenching your teeth

What will my TMJ treatment involve?

Jaw physiotherapy is vital to make sure a right and full recovery from jaw pain. Though each injury will differ slightly, your jaw physio will guide you via the top treatment for your condition including:

Education on jaw positioning, chewing or eating habits, and work or activity modification

  • Ice or heat
  • Manual therapy
  • Postural correction
  • Rehabilitative exercises
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Referral to GP or dentist

We strive to educate our customers and patients on movement that is perfectly matched to their individual needs. When you are looking for TMJ physiotherapy near me, contact a dedicated and friendly jaw physio and let us help with your sore jaw joint or TMJ paint today.

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