Teeth Aren’t Straight, Here is How to Get Straight Teeth without Braces

Misaligned teeth are affecting your confidence to smile freely? You can straighten your crooked or crowded teeth with braces, but if you don’t want to wear horrible-looking traditional metallic braces you have several other aesthetically pleasing options to get a straight smile with comfort. The presence of any foreign object will naturally make anyone self-conscious, but you can get remarkable teeth-straightening results discreetly with minimum discomfort. However, the suitability of orthodontic devices depends on the complexity of your dental structure. So, get in touch with your dentist in Mascot to get your misaligned teeth examined. Your Mascot dentist will recommend the best orthodontic teeth-straightening solution suitable for your need.       


Dental Irregularities You Can Correct Without Braces 


Braces are the best possible option to move misaligned teeth in the right position according to your facial symmetry. There are several alternative orthodontic treatments like clear aligners, retainers, palatal expanders, along with restorative options like bonding, porcelain veneers, contouring, and gap reduction to make teeth look better. If “metal mouth” is a matter of concern, you should discuss discreet alternatives with your dentist in Mascot. Before you make an appointment to explore braces-free teeth straightening treatments, you should know about the possibilities.  

Here are some of the dental irregularities your Mascot dentist can correct without braces:   

  • Cracked or Chipped Tooth
  • Overcrowding
  • Malocclusion
  • Palate Expansion


Treatments Options to Straighten Teeth without Braces 

Your search for braces-free teeth straightening options shows your passion for having perfectly aligned teeth. Your dentist in Mascot will examine your dental structure and offer suitable teeth straightening solutions, including braces. You can opt for discreet options, like clear aligners and retainers. However, you should be clear about expectation as teeth straightening procedure takes time and are costly.   

Orthodontic Headgear 

The functional perfection of the dental system depends on symmetry. Wearing orthodontic headgear could be an alternative to braces to apply moderate pressure on one side to move teeth on the other side. The external part of the device is fitted to the head and neck, which are hooked to devices placed in the mouth. Unfortunately, this procedure isn’t popular nowadays.    

Clear Aligners  

It is one of the most popular teeth straightening solutions in modern dentistry. Besides the much-needed invisibility, it is highly effective at par or even better for cases of moderate complexity. Your dentist in Mascot will take a teeth impression and get aligners custom-designed to move teeth as per the treatment plan. You have to wear each set of clear aligners, made of high-quality transparent plastic, for 2-3 weeks on average for 6-12 months. You will see your teeth moving in just a few weeks, and no one will even notice you wearing any device. 

Palatal Expanders 

If your teeth misalignment is due to underdeveloped palate space, your orthodontist might recommend a palatal expander to create enough space for the new tooth or moving teeth as per the treatment plan.   

Porcelain Veneers 

If you cannot wait for a year or so to get straight teeth, your dentist can help you get straight teeth with porcelain veneers in a few days. It is the easiest possible treatment option to cosmetically improve dental aesthetics.  


Bottom Line  

Your priority might be appearance, but teeth-straightening will give you more than just a look. Perfectly aligned teeth make it easier to maintain oral hygiene, so you will have sparkling white teeth with fresh breath to smile freely. Braces work, but you can ask your dentist in Mascot to suggest the best possible alternative if metal-mouth takes your confidence away.   


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