Top 5 exercises for Hamstring workout


Are you embarrassed by your skinny legs? Here you have a solution now to this problem. We have prepared a list of various hamstring exercises which can save you from this awkwardness. Most people only take advantage of two out of the three muscles building mechanisms, mechanical tension and muscle damage the one that they do not take advantage of is metabolic stress which can only happen through high volume and short rest periods so with that being said, let’s jump right into the exercises. Hamstring workout

Romanian Deadlift 


The first exercise is going to be the Romanian deadlift followed by dumbbell deadlift and you are going to perform six sets of six to eight repetitions resting only ninety seconds to two minutes maximum in between two sets and now, in my opinion, it is one of the absolute best hamstrings exercises you can do for hamstring growth. You have got to make sure that you are descending with two to three seconds negative and as you descend you are pushing your hips back you are not bending at your lower waist or at your lower back you are not dipping your chest forward the only reason why your chest goes down is that you are pushing your hips back and bending your knees and repeat these for six to eight repetitions now. Hamstring workout))

Prone Leg Curl


For hamstring exercises at home, you can take a flat bench that has been placed on a stepper to increase the difficulty level of exercise and to get better contraction on the hamstrings. The first thing you need to do is to find a good grip on the bench so that you do not slip downward. Second, while performing the exercise, your lower back should not be lifted, many people commit this mistake causing their lower back to take more load than their hamstrings. Third, your knees should always be on the bench and not extend beyond the bench base. Now select a lightweight which you will hold between your feet and then slow releasing the dumbbell downwards along with that but make sure you do not release the dumbbell to a very low level because it can cause unnecessary strain on your knee. Squeeze the hamstring and then release the weight slowly. Whenever you lift the dumbbell breathe out and do three sets of twenty repetitions each for this.

Bending and Squeezing Hamstrings

First, the difference between your feet should be closed bring both your feet together after that soften your knees and hold your toes with your hands firmly now push your knees back to a straight position and then squeeze your hamstrings. Bend, again and again, squeeze your hamstrings. Breathe out when you squeeze. Perform two steps of thirty repetitions. It is a perfect hamstring strengthening exercise.



First, bring you any foot forward and place it on the stepper whereas take your other foot backwards to keep a medium distance between your feet now you need to go down and bend both your knees equally but do keep in mind that when you go down, your knee should never cross your toe which means it has to be parallel. Second, you need to keep in mind that whenever you perform this exercise you have to use the heel of your foot in front and the toe of the back of the foot and when you move up, breathe out. Another important thing is to keep your back straight when you perform this exercise. Do three sets of ten repetitions with each leg. 

For the bodyweight hamstring exercises use the stability ball, feet are up put your heels on the ball make your hands flat and then raise your hips up and then curl for 10 times keep your hips lifted and move the balls with the help of your heels and isolate the hamstrings. This isolation results in tremendous pressures on the hamstring which ultimately leads to more gains and more muscles size. 

By including these ultimate exercises into your workout, you will certainly feel a new energy and activeness in your routine. Your hamstrings have never felt like this ever before. The best part about all of these exercises other than their effectiveness is, they’re easy to do in nature, you don’t need to maintain complex forms, or need heavy machinery or equipment for these exercises. If you are feeling creative, add in some dumbbells, barbells, or chains depending on your preferences.Hamstring workout

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