The Roadmap to Breast Lifting

What is a breast lift surgery?

To overcome the sagging of breasts, reshaping and lifting of breasts is done through breast lift Auckland surgery. Other procedures are involved with breast lifting as well. The most commonly used one is ‘implantation.’ Implantation is done to add volume and shape to the breasts for a better uplifting result. The current surgical options and technologies allow surgeons to make breasts look younger. They can also position them ideally on the chest, ensuring firmness of the breasts as well.

What good comes out of a breast lift surgery?

The most popular reasons people opt for this procedure are to attain weight loss, or because some women are undergoing pregnancy, breastfeeding, or approaching their older age.They aim to have the breasts they once had; before all the changes made to their bodies.

The breast lift procedure is a good way of adding firmness to the breasts and overcoming unevenness in the positioning of the breasts. Moreover, it also resizes and positions nipples to a more centralized position on the chest.

A breast lift surgery is an optimum option to eliminate droopy nipples and breast tissue.

What are the risks of this surgery?

Like any surgery, a breast lift surgery also has its own set of complications and risks that to be expected. The major one is losing regular nipple and breast sensation. Other risk factors include skin infection, scarring, blood clots, complications in the nipple that may not allow you to breastfeed, bleeding, and side effects of anesthesia.

How long is the recovery post-surgery?

Like every surgery, the recovery time of a breast lift procedure depends on person to person. However, there is an estimated amount of time for each step of the recovery.

Firstly, one must patiently wait for 10-14 days to pass the initial recovery phase of the surgery. To let scars mature, it may take up to a year, and the surgeon will advise the time frame for wearing fitted garments for effective and efficient maturation of scars.

Tasks that require minimal effort can be conducted after two weeks of the surgery; however, heavy-duty tasks can take months to restart.



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