6 Ways In Which You Can Protect Your Hair From Air Pollution

Our hair is mostly in contact with pollution, and there are plenty of hair problems that will follow it. Even though you can add layers of lotions and protection to your hair strands, the abuse of pollution can be harmful to your hair.

It not only affects the texture but also impacts its growth. We generally use a cleansing shampoo to clean our hair. However, there’s more we need to do to safeguard our hair from pollution or detoxify it. Delhi is the most polluted city in our country. The air in the city is toxic for your health, especially hair.

How Pollution Affects Your Hair?

The pollution in Delhi mainly comprises smog and the changes in the surrounding. But certain harmful particles can severely impact your health. All these harmful chemicals and particles will be deposited on your scalp. This can lead to itchy and scaly scalp making your hair brittle and weak.

How Can You Safeguard Your Hair From Air Pollution?

A good dermatologist in Delhi can suggest to you the best way of treating your hair while living in a polluted city like Delhi. We have come up with some dermatologist-approved tips that are specifically meant for the protection of your hair amidst pollution.

#1 Cover Your Head

Whenever you step out of the house, it is essential to cover your head with a scarf. It will ensure that pollutants don’t reach your scalp. The direct exposure to sunlight can be reduced with this step. Also, don’t let your hair go loose, and always tie it in a bun and wrap a scarf.

#2 Don’t Apply Too Much Shampoo

Your hair can get dirty within one day of outing in pollution, but you must not shampoo every day. There are natural oils in your hair that need to be retained, and regular shampooing can strip off the oils from your hair. The best recommendation is 3-4 times a week. Choose your shampoo wisely as it affects the way your hair turns out.

#3 Condition It Properly

Every hair requires condition, irrespective of its texture. If you think you don’t need conditioning because you have oily hair, then you are clearly mistaken. Conditioner helps in maintaining hair immunity. With conditioning, you can seal back the open cuticles and lock the nutrients in them. You can also use a natural conditioner for more effect.

#4 Hydrate Your Hair

Dryness in your hair will cause more damage to your hair, and that’s why you need to focus on hydration. Hydration is essential to gain back the lost immunity. You can use good hair masks and conditioners to hydrate your hair strands. For root refreshes, you can go for argan, almond, or jojoba oil. Apply the hair masks twice a week.

#5 Oil Strengthening

Oil is important to strengthen your hair and maintain its growth. If you are living in a high-pollution city like Delhi, you need to focus on oiling your hair diligently. There is an abundance of hair oils that you can try for your hair. Bhringraj, jojoba, and rosemary oil are some of the best oils you can try. You can also make different oils using herbal ingredients.

#6 Be Gently

You need to be gentle on your hair to avoid unnecessary breakage and weakness. The major reason for hair fall is dry scalp, that’s why you need to give extra care to your scalp. Other than that, you must start using a wide-tooth comb for detangling your hair; it will minimize the hair fall. Do not abuse your hair with heat styling that will cause severe damage.

The Bottom Line

Air pollution is not only harmful to your lungs; it can severely impact your hair health as well. There are many chemicals that can affect your hair growth. A few changes in your lifestyle, diet, and living habits can bring significant changes to your hair health from air pollution. While a Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Card can cover your medical dermatological expenses, you need to be careful regarding your hair health to avoid such situations.

The above-mentioned were some of the best tips that dermatologists approve of regarding caring for your hair amidst pollution. Don’t forget that each step will count, making your hair grow healthier and fight pollution.

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