How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological factors like stress may also exacerbate the matter. In most cases, there’s a mix of organic and psychological factors.

As such, this is often a legal and quite common problem. In Brazil alone, dysfunction (ED) affects about 45% of men.

Fortunately, there are treatments for impotency that significantly improve the condition, restoring sensual health and vitality.

Many men are embarrassed to hunt for help to cope with various sensual problems. For this reason, they continue to be for a long time without the knowledge that impotency will be cured.

The misinformation surrounding the topic can make them even more distressed since myths about the causes and coverings are propagated.

This article will uncover a number of these myths and convey up pertinent information that will reassure them and reinforce that ED includes a cure. Follow the questions and answers below.


What is impotency (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or sensual impotence could be a condition that affects men, marrying the problem of achieving or maintaining an erection during the desirable performance.

It is the permanent or transient inability to get and maintain an erection capable of full sensuality and intercourse.

This ability to take care of an adequate erection is often discontinuous and unpredictable or bent to keep up erections for a brief duration.

It is estimated that about 20% of the entire male population at some stage in their life incorporates a problem with their erectile function. Of course, as you develop, the probabilities of ED are higher.

What are the causes?

 Dysfunction is also because of decreased blood supply to the corpora cavernosa (arterial insufficiency), inability to retain blood within the corpora cavernosa (venous leak), or a mix of the above. The causes which will result in this may be:

Psychological causes. Disorders like anxiety, depression, and even stress can affect sensuality. Excessive preoccupation with the relationship, work, or family problems removes satisfying attention, emotion, and willingness for sensual issues. Fatigue, loss of appetite, lack of exercise, insomnia, or failure can even affect the performance of erectile function.

Vascular causes.  Vidalista 20 and kamagra oral jelly best for ed. The artery that supplies blood to the main male organ is subject to identical vascular risk factors as the other vessel within the body. Therefore, the foremost frequent causes of vascular impotence are diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol, smoking, and cardiovascular diseases. Surgery on the prostate, bladder, rectum, and actinotherapy to the pelvic area may injure these vessels and cause erection problems.

Pharmacological causes. Several drugs have the side effect of decreasing erection capacity. Among them are some medications to treat hypertension, cardiopathy, and psychiatric disorders.

Neurological causes. Dysfunction of neurological origin occurs when there’s an issue within the transmission of orders that the brain sends to the main male organ through the neural structure. This happens in neural structure injuries, induration, diabetes, renal disorder, or pelvic surgery. But it’s also caused by chronic renal disease.

Hormonal causes. Hormonal imbalances, like testosterone deficiency, a high level of prolactin, and an abnormal level of endocrine, can cause impotency.

Anatomical or structural causes. Abnormalities of the male reproductive system (hypospadias or epispadias), micro male main organ, congenital curvature of the main male organ, Peyronie’s disease.

Traumatic causes. Penile fracture, injuries, etc.

 A way to do the treatment? What are the strategies?

  • Elimination of modifiable risk factors:
  • Avoid smoking/alcoholism/drugs.
  • Evaluate medications which will be the explanation for disfunction and will be withheld.
  • Perform treatment of DM, SAH, dyslipidemia.
  • Control the weight.
  • Treat precipitating factors of tension and stress.

Medicines: PDE-5 inhibitors liable for the return of the main male organ to the state of flaccidity, like Cenforce 100 and cenforce 200. It should be administered 40 minutes – 1 hour before sensual activity.

Transurethral drug administration


Can the consumption of fried foods cause erectile dysfunction?

There is no direct relationship between these foods and sensual impotence. However, certain diseases triggered by this sort of food can result in impotence.

Therefore, the foremost prudent thing is to avoid excessive consumption of food to stay healthy and, in this way, guarantee satisfactory sensual performance.

Can sensual impotence be caused by alcohol, sugar, or salt abuse?

Just like the fried foods highlighted within the previous topic, the surplus of alcohol, sugar, and salt can cause diseases that lead to dysfunction. For this reason, it’s recommended that they consume in a very sensible manner.

Thus, it’s possible to forestall or control diseases like diabetes, which interfere with male sensual health, and affirm that impotency incorporates a cure.

Is it possible to mention that dysfunction is often cured if man feeds on stimulating foods like Catuaba, quail eggs, and peanuts?

There is no scientific evidence that these foods are effective against dysfunction.

However, there could also affect the man from a psychological point of view, bringing security and optimism and providing a far better experience.

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