How High Blood Pressure can Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a prominent intimate disease that has affected quite a significant population of males at large. This sensual diseases have a detrimental impact on the overall quality of the couple’s life. Today it has influenced around 30 million males in the US alone. Looking at the causative factors responsible for high blood pressure disease, it is psychological, but there are many physical ones.

The biological factors impact blood flow regulation towards the penile area and the average erection of the penis during sensual activity.

High Blood Pressure and its linkage to Impotence

When there is an elevation in males’ blood pressure, this is a common causative factor of erectile failures during intimacy. Whenever it is appropriate for the neural stimulation, there will signal by the brain that will lead to the dilation of the blood vessel.

It causes more blood flow to the penile region, causing its hardening and erection. When there is an elevation of the blood pressure, the blood vessels get constricted, which substantially leads to failing to achieve an erection.

Apart from that, during the circumstances when males are suffering from hypertension, there will be a reduction in testosterone level and a damaging impact on blood vessels’ lining. It is going to affect the blood flow capability of blood vessels. There will be no maximum dilation of the blood vessels. Because of this, the patients face difficulty in attaining hardened and stiff penis during the erection activity. 

IS ED caused by hypertension medications?

There are certain types of hypertension curing drugs that cause frequent trouble in erectile functioning. The name of beta-blockers or even diuretics knows such drugs. I can consider thus Erectile Dysfunction as one adversary of consuming this hypertension curing medication. Fildena 100mg and Super P Force is the most useful remedy to treat high blood pressure problem 

Beta-blockers, medications

Such medications impact the region of the nervous system, which can control intimate activity. It would lead to a hindrance in the flow of blood towards the penile region. So the failure of erection would frequently occur when these medications are consuming on prolong basis.


The diuretics are another class of hypertension curing medications. They act in the manner that there is a reduction in blood flow towards the penile region. The whole procedure of erectile dysfunction achievement becomes much more difficult. It becomes more complex in males who are middle-aged or older. Apart from that, the remedies are also causing an enhancement in the concentration of zinc in the body.

The high level of zinc leads to a decrease in the level of testosterone. So there will be lesser of libido, which will serve as the prominent factor in causing erectile issues in males who are having hypertension.

Strategies to control high blood pressure

The blood pressure in the body is being influenced by several factors, comprising eating habits and lifestyle. By introducing alterations in lifestyle and eating habits, one can achieve significant improvement in body blood pressure readings. With just the introduction of some minor alternation in the lifestyle, there can be a positive health effect. Because of unhealthy food habits and lifestyle, the body loses the capability to regulate blood flow throughout the body.

Lose extra weight

Whenever there is an elevation of blood pressure, one reason cited for it is the increased body weight. So when a person is becoming obese, he/she will find difficulty in subsequent breathing. Whenever there is a disruption in breathing, it is also affecting the sleep cycle, which further leads to the elevation of blood pressure.

So through introducing alternation in lifestyle and adoption of weight loss regimen, one can maintain an optimum level of blood pressure, which can also reduce the hazard of erectile failures.

Regular Work out

When an individual indulges in aerobic exercise, even simple walking for half an hour in the entire day, this will reduce the blood pressure to a significant level. It has to be done regularly, as when an individual will not be doing work out exactly, there will be an elevation in the blood pressure again.

Reducing consumption of sodium

By just introducing a bit of sodium concentration reduction in the diet, one can attain much better cardiac health. There will be a subsequent reduction in the blood pressure to around 5- 6 mm. However, there is variation in how sodium consumption affects the level of blood pressure in different individuals. Physicians recommend the group of around 1500 mg per day or even lesser to be most appropriate for adults’ consumption. Fildena 50 and Vigora 100 is most popular remedy to treat ED or Male Impotence difficulties in many men. 

Final takeaway

The prime most health condition, which is one of the primary reasons for this sensual disorder, is cardiovascular diseases. So, raised blood pressure in males is also serving as the primary cause of this disease. 35% of males suffering from high blood pressure have reported the symptom of erectile failures. Not only this, but also the men with ED symptoms are being more sensitive to hypertension.

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