Tips And Advice For A Better Sleep Quality

Watch Your Dietary Habits

What you eat has a direct influence on the quality of your sleep. Eating spicy foods or large meals may trigger sleep troubles. Always try to have dinner several hours before bedtime and eliminate late-night snacks. If you eat a lavish meal just before going to bed, your body will focus on digestion rather than on relaxation and sleep.


Schedule Your Workouts Earlier In The Day

Whenever possible, schedule your workouts and exercise routines early in the day. Take long walks and schedule intense physical activities in the morning rather than in the evening. Exercising stimulates your nervous system and energizes your body, preventing you from unwinding and falling asleep. Exercise is good for you, so you should embrace a form of physical effort and stick to your daily workout routine as much as you can. If you’re a sedentary person, start with easier exercise such as brisk walks, stretching, biking, or yoga. As your body becomes accustomed to physical effort, gradually increase the intensity of your activities. Your body will reward you with a better quality, more restful night sleep.


Avoid Screens Before Bed Time

Light can trigger sleep troubles. Blue light emitted by computer and smartphone screens can disrupt our natural inclination to fall asleep at night. Even though blue light screen filters prove to be effective, the best way to proceed is to limit screen time at least two hours before going to bed. This should allow your body to release melatonin at the best time to induce sleep. If you must, replace screen time with a warm bath or with reading a book before going to sleep.


Make Your Bedroom Dark

Once you’re done with your dinner and other stuff, you can start dimming the lights inside your home. Your brain will understand that sleep time is near, so it will start preparing for that moment by unwinding and calming down. If you need to keep the lights on while sleeping, make sure your bedroom is the darkest room in the house. Using a sleep mask could be a great idea.


Develop A Late Evening Routine

After you finish everything for the day, you should start your bedtime ritual. By doing the same things every night, you train your body to prepare for falling asleep. Choose a routine that best works for you regardless of what others may think about it. You are unique and you must learn and adopt those practices and activities that put you in a sleepy state before bedtime.


Don’t Lie In Bed Awake For Long

If you can’t fall asleep after about 15-20 minutes, get up and try to do something else to induce sleep. A few minutes of sitting in a comfortable armchair and reading a book can calm you down and prepare you for sleep. Choose relaxing activities rather than physically intense ones. As soon as you feel sleepy, get back to bed. Ensure that your mattress is comfortable, take a look at these Sleep Number reviews.

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