Why guys fall asleep immediately after having sensuality?

Why males more likely to fall asleep after sensuality?

Have you noticed your men falling asleep after having sensuality activity? There might be the chance that you have simply enjoyed the amazing courtship session with your partner and you want to indulge in the snuggling activity and late night talk but what you notice is that your man dozing off after the sensuality act. Once you see this act of your partner, it is quite natural to feel annoyed and bad about this. However, there are certain physiological reasons for a man falling asleep after indulging in sensuality activity. Well, you should not take this personally as it is not related to your individualized personality or how you have performed in bed.

Body transformation after having sensuality

There are just the physiological changes that take place in the body of males and this is what makes them drowsy after having an intimacy session. So the main cause of getting drowsy after having an intimacy session in males is the biological process that is responsible for governing orgasm. 

Biochemical process responsible for inducing sleep in males after love

As far as the biochemical process of ejaculation is being concerned, when the males are ejaculating there is certain specific of compounds that are being produced within the brain. There is one chemical that is produced in the male’s brain post ejaculation by the name of prolactin, and it is this particular chemical that is being responsible for making the male sensuality satisfied along with making him feel drowsy. It is this particular hormone that is being produced in our bodies in increased concentration at the time of sleep.

So there is a strong association as far as prolactin and inducing sleep is being concerned.  Whenever a man is indulging in courtship activity and having orgasm, the concentration of prolactin produced in the brain is almost four times in comparison to the one which is being released during the masturbatory act. If you are suffering from impotence then try Fildena and vidalista 60. Apart from the chemical prolactin, there is also the release of oxytocin along with vasopressin when the male is indulging in the courtship act. Along with such substances, there is also another compound by the name of melatonin which is responsible for regulating the biological clock of the body.

The chemical compounds releases leads to relaxing impact

When all these compounds are released simultaneously, this is responsible for leading to the relaxing impact and inducing sleep. Also, there is research evidence pertaining to the view that when males are sleeping after involving in courtship activity with the partner, this is something that has demonstrated greater affection along with a stronger bond between the couple.  So, there is nothing to get annoyed about as when your male partner is tending to fall asleep after pleasurable intercourse, this is due to the biochemical mechanism that is induced in his body. 

What role hormones play in triggering sleep after intercourse?

The hormones like prolactin, oxytocin along with a group of endomorphins, everything is being responsible for the sleepiness induced within the male’s body.  This is the reason why courtship activity is considered as the natural way to induce sleep pertaining to the notion that this is something that is having a sedative impact on the body. However, a not significant level of research evidence is present confirming this impact. 

The hormone oxytocin is also released during the courtship act and this is something that is responsible for inducing a good feeling in the individuals.  It assists out the person in getting rid of all kinds of thoughts that are stressful from their minds and also facilitates them to get relaxed and feel sedative. Read More : Benefits of Chakrasana

Biological clock of body signals it is the time to sleep

The other thing is that when a couple is having intercourse when lights are on, the body’s biological clock will be signaled that this is the time to go for sleep. Apart from that there are certain obvious factors for this as most of the time couples are indulging in the courtship act after a long tiring day at work and this actually works out as the act of exhaustion and feel tiresome. However, of course, there are physiological and biochemical mechanisms that comes into the play and kicks off the sleep in males.

So whenever this feeling of sleepiness is being induced, there is the release of the hormone melatonin which is responsible for clicking on the sleep. So when the group of hormones is being produced in the brain and body then this serves as the natural trigger for inducing sleep in the male’s body.


So, love is simply assisting out in inducing amazing dozing off impact.  So, all these factors give a man or even woman an extremely amazing opportunity to fall into a peaceful relaxing sleep after having a pleasurable courtship activity with the partner so take aurogra or vidalista 40

Thus the impact of courtship on sleep is manifesting in a significantly distinct manner in males as well as females. So in the majority of the cases, males get exhausted and tend to fall asleep after intercourse while women attain more energy. But this doesn’t simply mean that women are not at all getting adequate sleep after indulging in the courtship sensuality as there is an enhancement in the level of estrogens and this increases their capability to gain a restful doze.  So there is no need to get pissed off or frustrated with your man when he just dozes off without hugging, cuddling you, and talking

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