Connection between Diabetes & Erectile Dysfunction

A brief overview about diabetes and its occurrence

The diabetes condition occurs whenever there is an enhanced condition of sugar level in the blood of the individual. This chronic ailment has divided into two main categories. The first is diabetes type 1, and the other is type 2. The condition of type 1 diabetes has already been impacting a minimum of ten percent of individuals worldwide.

The same percentage goes to the extent of 90% as far as type 2 diabetes is concerned. Few of the common causative factors that have been found for this condition involve being overweight and a sedentary lifestyle. In the USA alone, as many as 30 million individuals already under the grip of this chronic ailment, and this number is ever increasing. 

Diabetes and risk of erectile functioning

As far as the causative circumstances of this Physical ailment are being concerned, there are many physiological and psychological ones. The condition of diabetes is also one of them. The state of diabetes is quite complicated, which leads to impairment as far as the nerve cells, blood vessels, and muscles’ functioning are being concerned. For attaining and sustaining healthy of the erections, there should be the optimum functioning of the individual’s blood vessels, nerve cells, hormonal balancing along the appropriate Physical drive.

When an individual has diabetes, there is exerting damaging impact on the blood vessels due to poor cardiovascular health and the nerve cells responsible for regulating the erection mechanism. Even if the individual’s body produces an adequate level of male love hormone called testosterone, they have good libido. Still, they won’t attain erections due to impairment of the blood vessels and nerve cells. 

What is ED, and How it occurs? 

Erectile dysfunction, commonly called impotence, is considered males’ incapability to attain more robust and firmer erections required for desirable Physical activity. Many factors are responsible for causing such a common and highly prevalent Erectile dysfunction. It can arise from cardiovascular issues, nerves disorder, and hypertension to even long-term diabetes. This condition of impotence may also stem up from diabetes. Many males who have been diagnosed with diabetes are found to demonstrate the symptoms of erectile failures.

When an individual is experiencing out the signs of erections, this may be due to elevated blood sugar levels. However, this condition of impotence is exceptionally challenging. This is something that needs to be communicating openly. At times, the male and his partner tend to feel anger and frustration and get extremely disappointed and discouraged due to this Physical disorder. However, it is vital to tackle this issue with immense patience, and seeing a Malegra 100 will help the couple improve their Physical life.  

Is impotence common among diabetic patients?

Well, it found that there is a strong linkage between the condition of diabetes and impotence. Thus quite a significant number of diabetic males have a complaint the erectile issues leading to poor performance in bed. Therefore males who are diabetes are two to three times more vulnerable to impotence and can develop the ED over time. The males who are developing the disease of erectile failures within the age group of 40 or above may also have the condition of diabetes, and they might not know about it.  

Research studies 

The extensive research conducted has demonstrated that all those males who have been suffering from type 2 diabetes tend to develop the symptoms of ED around a decade before in comparison to the ones who are not having this particular disorder. So with the growing age of the diabetic patient, this specific Physical condition has become immensely more prevalent. By the time diabetic males reach the age group of 50 or more, the potential risk of this Physical condition increases manifold. So when the age passes beyond 70, the hazard of experiencing this condition crosses to the extent of 90% or even more. 

Cure for erectile dysfunction for men having type 2 diabetes

The males who are already having the condition of diabetes and at the same time suffering from Erectile dysfunction can consume the oral ED medications under the doctor’s prescription. Some specific categories of oral medicines are being prescribed to patients who have diabetes. Some oral medicines that males can consume for gaining relief from the symptoms of erectile failures include:

However, before starting using such oral ED medications, it is highly eminent to consult the doctor who will be conducting the comprehensive health analysis for diagnosing the existing condition of the patient before prescribing the drug.  

Final takeaway

So, after analysis of the individual health condition of the diabetic patient, the doctor will guide the most appropriate course of action for gaining relief from the erectile dysfunction and getting the Physical life of the patient back on track. The most appropriate course of treatment to be given to the patient will depend upon the individualized health and ability to have tolerance towards it.

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