Healthy Hair: A Guide to Getting Full, Shiny, Strong Locks

Our hair is our crown – it is one of the first things that people notice when they meet us” – Jessica Walker. 


It is pretty true that hair is the “crowning glory” of every girl. So every girl desire healthy, shiny, and strong locks to confidently reflect her style and personality. However, maintaining the crowning glory or healthy hair becomes a little taxing due to dirt and pollution when exposed to the outside world. Having said that, too much shampooing, conditioning, on hair leads to unhealthy, dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Additionally, the environment, poor diet, and genetics are other reasons for unhealthy hair. Though not all factors can be controlled, there are certain things that you can do to get full, shiny, and strong locks. This guide will teach you how to maintain your crowning glory. Stride along with us.


Healthy hair: what does it look like?

In simple words, healthy hairs refer to Voluminous, Shiny & Strong. Additionally, it should have a natural texture that can be styled as desired. Remember, healthy hair doesn’t have excess oil, dryness, or dandruff and doesn’t fall out easily. Such beautiful silky, and strong locks boost your confidence. Healthy hair plays a great role in protecting your scalp (soft tissues) from the sun. 


Dig deeper and read how to get full, shiny, and strong locks.


Dos And Don’ts to Care for Your Hair

Different types of hair, like straight, coily, curly, and wavy hair, require a different approach to maintenance. Therefore, it is important for you to show your hair some TLC (Tender Loving Care). So, let’s talk about do’s and don’ts to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and strong.


Don’t overprocess hair much.

What is overprocessing? Overprocessing happens when you shampoo/ bleach your hair or improperly use items like hair dryers or relaxers. This leads to the breakage of disulfide bonds that keep your hair protein together. It can also damage the cuticle layer, weaken the protein, and cause lipid loss.


Does a specific and conditioner cater to your hair type

To get the perfect hair shampoo or conditioner, you must consult a doctor to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and strong. The American Academy of Dermatologists advises that people with dandruff must use a specifically formulated shampoo to control it.


Don’t skip conditioner

While showering people avoid conditioners due to their busy schedules, which makes their hair dry. The best thing about the conditioner is that it can enhance the look of your hair that has been damaged. You should know that conditioner adds shine and brightness and strengthens your hair. So, don’t skip it.


Don’t brush your hair forcefully

It is important to solve every last tangle; however, too much brushing isn’t good for your hair, especially when you use all your strength to remove those knots. So, make sure to comb gently to prevent any kind of breakage. If you have long hair, hold the lower portion of the hair carefully and run the brush through the ends.


Don’t let cornrows, weaves, and braids get too tight

If your hair is pulled tightly and it hurts while bruising, then it means your hair is getting damaged. So, make sure to speak to your stylist if your hair is too tight.


If you’re facing problems with your hair, then consulting a doctor will be an ideal way to get healthy, shiny, and strong locks. At Cutis Hospital, doctors can provide you with solutions to keep your hair healthy. So, connect with us today. 

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