What to consider when doing weight training

What to consider when doing weight training

Currently, weight training has become one of the easiest, safest and most welcome, by many people who decide or are already assiduous practitioners of sports activities, due to its versatility in the programs, regardless of the schedule or the state of the weather.


In all these sports centers, as today, some well-established gyms are called, oriented towards the common good of their users or clients; who for different reasons make use of its facilities, finding a place where they can run their workout plans, develop their sporting activities, forgetting what to do daily and daily that they are frequently faced with in their usual routines.


Workouts for men, for many years, has had countless controversies and discussions about the best way to do it, there are many different training methods or systems; many of them being popularized, such as the principle of overload, isolation, pyramid, supersets, giant series, negative, etc.


It is in this way and as in many parts of the world, many of them are used and taken full advantage of. them, without forgetting to take into account factors such as muscle mass, fat mass, and other physical and psychological factors for planning the programs to follow in each particular case.


In resistance training there are many myths and truths that very few know, it is important to know which ones are real to put them into practice and not make the mistake of believing in everything that is said or seen in the bodybuilding rooms.


When starting workout plans, especially workout plans for men, the first thing to take into account is the Physical and Anthropometric Assessment to identify possible injuries, if any, physical and aesthetic needs, in order to establish clear and consistent objectives for each person. The work must be developed in a progressive and systematized way according to the gain of strength and learning of the execution techniques of each of the exercises, guaranteeing a good performance to avoid problems later.


For a long time it was said that the high number of repetitions helps to eliminate fat mass and the low ones to increase muscle mass, what is really important is the intensity (real effort) with which the muscular work is carried out in the development of each of the training. Otherwise it is the requirement of loads well used during the execution of the exercise in the daily training session. In the muscular system, this type of training manages to recruit many more muscle fibers with which we guarantee that the muscular package worked will obtain better results.


It should be noted the importance of knowing how we should use the loads in the dumbbells (weights or gym equipment) must be progressive and in accordance with the increase in strength, without forgetting the aforementioned. Thus, in order to be able to perform an exercise correctly and comfortably, the capacity of the muscle packages should not be exceeded, thus avoiding suffering a regrettable injury that can cause a lot of discomfort and pain, even getting away from the gym for some time that can be short or long and even definitely.


For this reason we must always be attentive to all the signals that our body provides, to identify the limit that it can withstand without committing excesses that can cause us great damage to physical health.


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