Top 12 McDonald’s International Menu in the World

Did you know that McDonald’s sells poutine in Canada? Or can you get a Mango McFlurry with your Big Mac in Malaysia? From sludge pie and matcha red bean subcaste cutlet to McSpaghetti, then is what you will find at McDonald’s International Menu around the world.

Below are some McDonald’s menu ideas


McSpicy rubbish

A cheeseburger like McSpicy Paneer set up at McDonald’s in India has a crisp galette made with paneer, a junk popular in Indian cooking. Accompanied by delicate tandoori sauce and lettuce.


EB Burger

Was fill- and- fish unpopular? At McDonald’s Hong Kong, the seafood burger is the main magnet. These golden EB burgers feature a crisp and juicy shrimp croquette. They can also come with a breaded fish fillet or pineapple.


Sludge pie

A sweet treat for McDonald’s suckers in Thailand is the sludge pie, which comes in the hand apple pie shell, but with a sweet, salty and delicate sludge stuffing. First retailed then, it soon turned popular with South Koreans visiting Thailand and was latterly introduced in South Korea for a while.


Inelegant Dimsaal

Love Rubbish omelets? also you will love the Cheesy Eggdesal Breakfast Sandwich from McDonald’s Philippines. It’s a ethereal, folded egg, with melted rubbish in the middle, on a soft, heated bun. This is the stylish McDonald’s world menu.



Go to a McDonald’s in Italy and you can get warm, inelegant, tomato- e panzerotti. We suppose these little afters
are genius and would make a perfectpre-burger appetizer


Bulgogi burger

This pork burger is available on McDonald’s menu in South Korea. The bulgogi burger is a pork croquette covered in sweet, sticky bulgogi sauce and a little lettuce and mayo. You can also get it as a double or with an egg in it.

Mango McFlurry

This gooey McFlurry from McDonald’s Malaysia combines the stylish of both worlds with sweet, juicy mango and chocolate Oreo bits rolled in vanilla ice cream.


Green Curry Chicken Burger

Another highlight at McDonald’s Malaysia is the Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger. The crisp funk is eclipsed with a generous quantum of Thai green curry sauce and vegetable slaw and served in a blockish bun.



McDonald’s posts in Finland and Sweden were well ahead of the factory- predicated wind when McVegan launched in 2017. It consists of a soy protein croquette, vegan mayo, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard. The McPlant, another vegan burger that launched in several countries in 2021, features factory- grounded rubbish and a Beyond Meat croquette.


Dosa Masala Burger

A chief of South Indian cookery, dosa is a thin fermented rice and lentil hotcake with a racy potato stuffing. McDonald’s uses a unheroic- spiced potato and pea croquette and chutney in a bun as the alleviation for the India Burger.



As if McDonald’s feasts were not good enough, McDonald’s Canada has ameliorated them by serving a interpretation of poutine, the country’s important- favored dish. The menu item is fried with rubbish curd and rich gravy and served in a cardboard box. snare a chopstick and dig in.


I understand that

You might suppose golden, brickle apple pie is central to McDonald’s cate menu, but not in China. rather they’ve taro pie and pineapple pie. Taro is a stiff vegetable and people say the texture inside the pie is like mashed potatoes, but sweeter and brighter in color.

Hopefully the below menus will attract further beaneries to the McDonald’s World menu. Not lower than the foods listed over. But every country and people have different requirements. Different from place to place

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