Can a Laptop be Sufficient for a Home Office Setup?

Laptops are go-to work devices for most of us when mobility and portability are important, but the office desktop PC has long been a more powerful tool for productivity in an office setup. So, does it make sense to buy a laptop for the home office, or should you stick with a desktop like always? The answer may surprise you because there is a bit more to it than a simple yes or no answer.

The Short Answer

The short answer is yes, laptops can indeed be sufficient for almost any home office. Mobile computing tech has come a long way and the performance gap between a high-end desktop and a high-end laptop is often only noticeable in benchmark scores.

The Long Answer

It is better to have both a desktop and laptop in your arsenal, especially if you work from home often. That does not mean you will need to upgrade them both or even buy both computers at once. Simply upgrade the older of the two every time you do decide it’s time. However, if you need to choose between a work laptop and desktop, most people will find the laptop to be a better choice.

This excludes only a few very demanding, niche jobs in IT, but anyone working in one of those few sectors are techies and they already know what they need.As for just abut everyone else, a new laptopis a better choice for the energy-efficiency, portability,battery-life, and versatility factors that come with it.

How to Choose a Laptop for the Home Office

List your work requirements and budget first. Once you have them, it will be a lot easier to shortlist your best options. However, you will probably need to do a bit of research on your own to determine which laptops should make the short list.

If you are not particularly familiar with the computer internals, it can be difficult to sort through the confusing number of options that are available these days. Avoid confusion andcheck this home office laptop range which covers all budgets and requirements. If you don’t have a powerful desktop waiting in your office already, it is recommended to extend your budget enough to buy a model that has:

  • A Core-i7 processor (12th Gen)
  • At least 16GB of DDR4 RAM
  • A 512GB – 1TB SSD (not HDD)
  • A good webcam.
  • A bright, 1080p or 1440p IPS panel.

If budget feels like a constraint, it’s better to compromise on the external looks and build quality, rather than the internals. Unlike desktops, laptops are not easily upgradeable.

Laptops can be used as home office computers only if the laptop you buy is properly equipped to handle the kind of work that you do. The exact same requirement is applicable on office desktops as well. It’s not just the form factor that should decide which computer you need in your home office.The performance gap between desktops and laptops are not large enough anymore to simply state that a desktop will always perform better than a laptop.

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