It is almost every working individual’s nightmare to achieve inbox zero. Even executing an impressive presentation or getting a promotion seems easier than this. Achieving inbox zero requires a lot of email management tips and help from apps. MANAGE EMAILS

Inbox Zero –

Inbox Zero is an approach that Merlin Man, the productivity expert, had developed. According to Merlin Mann, this method is mainly designed so that workers could manage their inbox more efficiently and keep them clean, organized, and relatively empty most of the time.

Mann had also proposed some suitable actions to take on emails which included defer, delegate, delete and so on. These actions sound simple and you can apply them to your email management strategies. It will make it easier for you to understand how to achieve Inbox Zero.

The Importance of Managing Emails in Gmail –

Many pieces of research have been conducted by several productivity expert firms and according to them, the number of emails received daily by an average working individual is a hundred and sixty, which means twenty emails per hour. In this number, promotional emails, personal chats, social media notifications and newsletters are also included.

It must get exhausting sometimes to get rid of all these emails. Therefore, it is important that you use the best management tools and follow the proper tips. It is a good email management strategy and it ensures that you focus on the work in hand. MANAGE EMAILS

Can you Achieve Inbox Zero in Gmail?

Yes! There are some very good email management tools that can help you de-clutter your inbox and keep it organized in Gmail.  These will help you utilize your Gmail account to its best capacity. Many workers just archive the mails and keep their main inbox clean. However, that is not the permanent solution. Doing email management efficiently can be very simple.

7 Ways to Organize your Gmail –

In order to manage your Gmail, there are a few practices that you must follow. Read on to find the seven best methods to de-clutter your Gmail Inbox.

1.             Mute the social media notifications –

There are a lot of social media groups, whether it is of friends, family or community. These people send regular messages which are notified through your mails. Therefore, it is important that you mute these social media groups, or unsubscribe from these emails so that you are not disturbed while working.

Gmail provides you with the “mute’ option for this purpose. It is a straightforward time management tool and it can ensure that you are not disturbed by the pings when you are working. All you have to do is open the specific chat, click on the triple-dot on the top right, and select mute. The next email on this thread will then be sent to the archive folder automatically. MANAGE EMAILS

2.             Snooze –

There are always some emails that require you to sit, think and discuss before responding to them. But delaying it might send it further down the pile of new emails and you will have to waste time looking for it. For such messages, there is a clock button on your emails. Here you can select a specific time for Gmail to remind you about replying to that email.

3.             Schedule Emails –

You can schedule emails to send them at a later time. All you need to do is set a customized time for Gmail to send your emails. There is an arrow next to the send button which will offer you the option to set a predetermined time for the software to send the mail.

4.             Template Emails–

Are there instances when you have to send the same kind of replies to different users and you have to type the whole thing repeatedly? This problem can be solved too. All you have to do is customize some template emails. There is an advanced tab where you can click “enable” and then click on the “Templates” button to customize your template emails.  While you are composing an email, you can click on the three dots on the upper right corner and click on the template email option.

5.             The Offline Mode–

For areas where the internet connection is weak, Gmail gives you the option to keep some emails available for your work, even if there is no internet connectivity. This makes Gmail a very comfortable platform to work within all conditions.

6.             Split Inbox–

The outlook of the inbox can be troublesome at times. It might seem like everything is piled together. To solve this matter, you can click on the gear icon that we see on the top, click on “Quick Settings”, click on “Reading” and select your preferred reading method.

7.             Use Auto-Filters for Distribution–

In your inbox, all the emails are stored in the same place, this makes managing the inbox tedious and tiresome. In order to avoid this, you can apply filters. If you do so, based on the subject line, the emails will be sorted accordingly. This will keep your inbox clean and prevent you from drowning in emails

Some Gmail Management Plugins –

There are a few add-ons that can help you manage your Gmail account. It can make you more efficient in time management and also increase your productivity. A few of such tools are –

1.             Mailman –

The easiest way in which you can manage the emails in your Gmail is by using Mailman. You have to pay for using this email management app, but they do allow you to use it for free for a trial period of twenty-one days. Some tools that it offers for your use are – do not disturb mode, delivery slot, VIP list, Block unknown senders, and others. Just with these few options, they make email management less tedious and easier too.

2.             Newton Mail –

Newton Mail is the email management system that makes the whole process quick and easy. You can switch off notifications, or customize them according to your comfort. You can also manage the sent and received emails in one place.

3.             Clean Email –

Clean Mail is an email management app that comes to you with a limited free trial for thousand of emails in your inbox. It manages emails fairly and uses labels to organize them into folders. There is a tool called “Unsubscriber” which prevents unimportant emails from spamming your inbox.

4.             Aqua Mail –

The Aqua Mail is an email management app that is free of cost. It can automatically format replies, allow you to insert images, media, links and other attachments easily. It also allows you to “reply via voice”.

Conclusion –

You can easily reduce your stress with only a little help from the email management apps and strategies. You can practice the above-discussed tips, and achieve a smooth running inbox, as well as do your work more efficiently.

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