Take an Online Surgical Technician Certification Course With Dignitas College of Healthcare

Interested in taking an Online Surgical Technician Certification Course with Dignitas College of Healthcare? Read on to learn about the Requirements and Benefits of this online program. Discover how much it costs to earn Surgical Technician certification online. Also learn about the certification exam, which requires the completion of an externship at a local hospital or surgical center. Then, get ready to join hundreds of other nationally certified healthcare professionals.

Online Surgical Technician Certification Course

Online surgical tech coursesCertification provide students with the same excellent education that is available to students on campus, but they offer the convenience and flexibility of distance learning. Students who are well-versed in a particular field of study can complete the program within a year or two. In addition to providing students with a high-quality education, online programs are also flexible and allow students to pay for courses by the credit hour.

Students can choose from a range of courses offered by Dignity College of Healthcare, including the surgical tech alone, the EKG technician course, or the patient care tech combination. All programs involve a combination of classroom and lab work, and are complemented by a clinical placement. You can choose to take the exams at your local testing center or take them from home with a proctor.

Requirements to earn Surgical Technologist Certification

If you are considering a career in surgical technology, you may be wondering about the requirements to become certified. There are several things to consider before you begin your journey. First, you should look into which surgical tech certification programs is accredited by the American Board of Surgical Technology. The accreditation status is important because it shows the program has met strict standards. Also, be sure to look into what state licensing requirements are.

After high school, you will need to complete a surgical technologist training program. This program typically requires approximately 21 months of full-time attendance. Coursework in the field includes anatomy, medical terminology, pharmacology, and infection control. You will also take courses in the social sciences, communication skills, and quantitative reasoning. All of these courses lay the groundwork for a successful career in surgical technologist training.

Benefits of earning Surgical Technologist Certification

As a Surgical Technologist, you are a vital part of the medical team and play a crucial role in delivering quality patient care. You perform routine tasks like prepping the operating room, sterilizing equipment, and setting up procedures. This role can be both rewarding and lucrative. However, it may not be the ideal career for every person. Job growth is strong in the healthcare industry, and the need for trained allied health workers is growing rapidly. Surgical Techs are part of that group.

Dignity College of Healthcare offers courses that can lead to certification in 41 states. In addition to California, New York, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa, it offers courses in North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota. These courses are approved in all these states. Additionally, they offer a combination of Surgical Technologist and EKG Technician certification courses. Students can take their certification exam either at a testing center in their home state or online with a proctor.

Cost of Surgical Technologist Certification online

You can earn your Surgical Technologist Certification online with DigNity College of Healthcare. The school offers courses in surgical technology, including the national certification exam. You’ll qualify for jobs in nine states after completing your program. You can even earn a degree in the field. DigNity is a self-sustaining college and is approved to offer online programs for this profession.

You’ll spend most of your day standing up and handling bodily fluids and equipment. As a surgical tech, you’ll learn about safety measures for handling sharp instruments. You’ll also learn how to gown, scrub, and use proper safety equipment. Most programs feature externships, which provide valuable practical experience. The cost of Surgical Technologist Certification online with Dignity College of Healthcare depends on where you live.

Alternatives to Surgical Technologist Certification online

There are many benefits to earning your Surgical Technologist certification online. Regardless of your lifestyle, online programs will allow you to complete part of your curriculum from home. Although you will complete some clinical training on campus, you will complete the rest of your coursework online. Online programs also allow you to take classes such as anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and surgical principles. While some programs are conducted synchronously, others are asynchronous, meaning that you can watch lectures whenever it’s convenient for you.


In addition to earning your certificate, you can also earn your diploma or associate degree in surgical technology. The associate degree program typically takes around 18 months to complete and includes laboratory work and clinical experience. Some programs require you to have a GED or high school diploma. If you have the proper credentials, you can complete your online program in about a year and a half. However, it’s important to note that you must wait several weeks for your application to be processed. To prepare, you can take practice exams and learn what to expect during the actual certification exam.

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