7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Even Trying

Are you looking for somewhere to start dieting without joining a CrossFit gym or ordering expensive meal delivery plans? Losing weight doesn’t need to be so hard. You can start doing things today to shed some pounds without drastically changing your lifestyle.

One of the biggest mistakes that people who want to lose weight make is thinking that they can change the scale overnight. Even if you starve yourself, most of that weight you shed is water weight. The truth is that weight loss takes time. One of the most effective ways to trim down is by making small, incremental changes that aren’t going to make you starve yourself and then binge to make up for it.

We’re here to tell you that weight loss doesn’t have to be painful. You can see meaningful progress in the mirror and on the scale. All it takes is some patience, a splash of discipline, and a willingness to give new things a try. Here are seven ways you can lose weight without trying.


Tip 1 – Slowly Shrink Your Meals

Have you ever started a diet and told yourself that, from now on, you’re skipping breakfast? What happens? Well, in most cases, you end up eating way more for lunch and dinner. You grab an extra snack in the middle of the afternoon because you tell yourself that you’re ahead of the game.

Our bodies don’t react well to sudden changes. Drastic moves are almost guaranteed to backfire. Instead, make changes slowly and give your body time to adjust. Instead of eating cereal in a bowl, move it into a cup. Start drinking diet soda instead of non-diet drinks. Go for the sweet potato fries instead of the normal fries. In weeks or sooner, your body will grow accustomed to your new habits. You won’t feel like you are sacrificing. Eventually, you can get to the point where you’re skipping entire meals.


Tip 2 – Drink Water All Day

One change you can easily make is increasing your water intake. Drinking more water will naturally decrease how much food you’re eating. It also speeds up your metabolism. You’ll feel full faster and will always have something to put in your mouth when cravings come along. Try using calorie-free powders to add flavor and work your way up to drinking a gallon of water each day.


Tip 3 – Go to Sleep

If you do some self-examination, you’ll likely find that you do a lot of your harmful eating after dinner before you go to bed. It’s the time when most folks grab a bowl of ice cream or eat chips while they’re relaxing and watching a show. Unfortunately, this is the worst time you can be eating these types of foods because your body won’t process them as well while you’re asleep. You also don’t have time to burn them off. To avoid harmful snacking, move your bedtime up a couple of hours. You’ll feel better as well, which will help you avoid stress-related snacking during the day.


Tip 4 – Download a Calorie Tracker

Calorie tracking is a proven way to lose weight. You don’t even need to try all that hard, either. Just looking at how many calories you’ve eaten and having to punch in foods is enough to get people to lower their food intake naturally. Most of them are free with a paid option if you want to see no ads.


Tip 5 – Go on More Walks

Walking is a wonderful, low-impact exercise that will help you lose weight. When you’re outside, you reduce your stress levels. You also increase your dopamine which puts you in a better mood. Start walking more during the day while you take calls or at night when you’re off of work.


Tip 6 –  Peptides and Weight Loss

Peptides are short chains of amino acids that trigger certain responses in the body. Researchers have found that certain peptide derivatives can target specific metabolic processes. Several peptides are now designed to improve weight loss and lean muscle mass development. They can shunt calories toward building bone and muscle instead of finding their way into fat stores.


Tip 7 – Use Smaller Food Containers

Did you know that people who eat on large plates tend to eat more food? One way to lose weight without even trying is to use smaller plates and bowls for your meals. You’ll still get that satisfying feeling of filling your bowl to the brim; it will just have fewer calories in it each time you do. The next time you head to the store, put smaller dishes on your shopping list!


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