Know about Flaccid Erection

Erections are a common occurrence in many people’s lives. Erections occur when the penis hardens and protrudes outward or upward.

This occurs most frequently in reaction to sexual excitement, although it can sometimes occur for no apparent cause, especially throughout puberty and the adolescent years. Erections can fade away with or without ejaculation.

Most of the time the regular penis is always in the soft or flaccid erection or hangs loose. A flaccid penis has an average girth of 3.66 inches. The girth of a penis is the circumference of the penis at its widest point. The erect penis average length is 5.16 inches, while the average measure of an erect penis is 4.59 inches.

Know about Flaccid Erection


External influences, such as temperature, can cause a flaccid penis to change size temporarily. Cold weather, for example, might make a flaccid penis smaller for a brief time. As your body strives to protect your penis, this happens automatically. To improve the shrink in the penis, it is advised to take cenforce 200 as a male enhancement pill.

Although Cenforce 200 is one of the most well-known medications for treating shrinkage, it isn’t the sole option. Depending on the cause of flaccid size, a variety of oral and injectable drugs, as well as Cenforce 200, can be used to treat it on a one-time or continuous basis.

Cenforce 200 is a male enhancement tablet that regulates sexual performance and treats ED in males. Counseling can also help men deal with the social and psychological difficulties that come with an ED. CBT, MBT, and sex therapy are all included. Counseling can be done in a variety of ways, including couples, groups, and one-on-one sessions.

Is flaccid size related to erectile size?

When a penis is flaccid or erect, there is no difference in size. In truth, according to research published in the Journal of Urology, the average erect penis size for most adult males is similar, but the diameters of flaccid penises differ.

The study also discovered that “stretched” length was a stronger predictor of erect length. It’s possible that you’ll unknowingly cause pain or harm.

Why do some flaccid penises seem to be a little longer than others?

You can’t tell how big your erect penis is just by looking at it while it’s flaccid. The flaccid posture can help some men acquire a large amount of length. Occasionally, these males are referred to as “growers.” Other men, on the other hand, do not gain as much length when they have an erection. These males are referred to as “showers” informally.

How will you know if it is normal to lean one way or the other?

When penises are flaccid, it’s natural for them to have some curvature or “hang” to one side or the other. When the penis is erect, several of these curvatures may also be present. There are three chambers in the penis. Through these chambers, Blood is pumped into and out of the penis. The length of these chambers varies. The shortest cylinder can cause a penis to bend in that direction.

Similarly, the curve of your penis, or the side on which it hangs, maybe the product of habit. You may have a propensity of pushing your penis to one side of your pants or undergarment when getting dressed. You may believe your penis hangs naturally on that side, but you’ve developed a habit of pushing it that way.

Causes of Flaccid Erection

Penis shrinkage is common in males as they become older, although there are a variety of additional reasons for it:

  • Age Factor

Fatty deposits develop in the arteries of men as they age, resulting in diminished blood flow to the penis. The muscle cells present in the erectile tubes inside the penis become weaker as a result of this. When the erectile tubes are engorged with blood, they produce erections, therefore reduced blood flow causes smaller or fewer strong erections. An accumulation of scar tissue induced by years of minor sex and sports injuries is another possible cause of penile shrinking.

  • Obesity

Men around the world are concerned about the effects of weight gain, particularly around their tummies, as they get older.

Although a man’s penis appears to shrink as he gains weight, it has not shrunk. The penis is linked to the abdominal wall, and when the belly expands, it pulls the penis inward, making it appear smaller. A man’s penis will restore its normal form and size if he loses weight.

  • Smoking:

Chemicals in the smoke are harmful to the blood vessels in the penis regardless of the stimulation. Smoking is injurious in ways a person is not aware of by receiving the pleasure that comes with it. Erectile dysfunction can be a cause of Smoking and influences the inability to maintain an erection.

  • Surgery:
    Operations, surgeries, or treatments conducted in and around the penis may harm the nerves and arteries that are necessary for maintaining an erection.
  • Medication:
    If a person takes heavy medications other than cenforce 200 then he can suffer from flaccid erections as these high doses will hinder your balance to have a hard erection and will only make you sluggish and inactive.

When should you seek assistance?

Many men associate self-confidence with a positive physical image. This can include self-assurance in the shape and size of your penis.

You will have a poor body image if you believe your penis is smaller than average. Due to your self-confidence concerns, you may also face negative effects with sexual enjoyment or have difficulty with sexual performance.

If you’re concerned about your penis or believe something is wrong with it, speak with your doctor. This could include the shape or size of the same. When you’re flaccid, you could be concerned about the curvature or length of your body. There can be a chance that you will face erectile dysfunction as well. Be aware and get to know more about it before talking to your health professional.

If your doctor has any medical concerns, they can perform a physical exam and reassure you about your health and normal size, or they can propose a treatment plan. It’s always possible to discuss erectile problems with your doctor, but pharmacies have recently begun to offer this medicine, and in some situations, they can deliver cenforce 200 without a prescription.

Due to the psychological pressure that it can exert on it, this can ease symptoms as well as re-establish self-confidence, self-esteem, and minimize relationship strain. The initial consultation takes a little time, but it’s done in secret and will allow you to purchase cenforce 200 for a specific period of time.

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