Lindsay Kiriakos Gives Tips to Manage Mental Health During Stressful Time

Managing mental health should be a focus for all people. Unfortunately, this has continued to become more difficult over the past couple of years as people have had to manage through a pandemic, threats of global war, inflation, and a turbulent economy. This is on top of standard stressors that affect all people’s lives, including challenges in their personal and professional lives. While managing stress can be difficult, there are tips that can be followed to help manage mental health. MD and psychiatrist Lindsay Kiriakos has provided various tips for how you can manage your mental health during difficult times.


Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos Says to Focus on Work-Life Balance

One of the most important tips that anyone can follow when they want to manage their stress is to find a good balance between their professional and personal lives. While you can feel overwhelmed by challenges at your job, it is important that you get away from the office and get out and spend time with the people that you care about. Not only can this help you clear your mind, but it can help you improve your personal relationships. Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos believes all people need to find an appropriate balance in their lives.


Be Healthy

While there are a lot of things in your life that is out of your control and can cause stress, doing your best to stay healthy is something that you will have control over. According to Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos, all people should do their best to exercise on a daily basis and eat a healthy diet. When you exercise regularly, it can keep you healthy but will also improve your mental health as it can release endorphins in your brain. Eating a healthy diet can provide you with more energy and keep you focused. This can help you manage difficult tasks that may come up throughout the day.


Meditation and Deep Breathing

Another tip that Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos and other mental healthcare professionals suggest is that you focus on meditation and deep breathing. Meditating on a regular basis and deep breathing exercises are a great way to clear your mind and relieve stress. This can be used to help prepare for a stressful day or relax during the middle of one. It can also allow you to calm down at the end of the day, which can help you sleep.


Talk About Problems

One of the reasons people can feel a lot of stress is that they may not feel like they have a way to release it. Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos suggests that all people find a way to talk about their problems with either a mental healthcare professional or a trusted friend. In either situation, you will likely feel better simply talking about the problem, which can offer clarity on the situation.


Over the past few years, challenges across the world have added more stress to people’s lives than ever before. While managing mental health can be more difficult during these situations, there are tips provided by Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos that can be followed to help anyone get through difficult times.

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