What is Good for Your Baby’s Health and Development?

As your baby begins to get older, you might be concerned about the best ways that you can support your baby’s health and development. As such, here are some of the top activities that are perfect for your baby’s health and development and that can allow them to grow up into strong children and adults.


Although most sources recommend that you should continue to give your baby breast or bottle milk for the first six months of their lives, there comes a time when you should start to consider giving your baby solid foods. When they are ready for solid foods, many parents decide to opt for baby-led weaning, which allows your baby to get the independence that they need when it comes to feeding themselves and allows your baby to try a variety of different foods and join in with family meals. As such, if you are planning to help your baby to develop their jaw and muscle movements, you should consider getting the right equipment, such as a weaning bib with short sleeves from Bibado.

Taking Them on a Walk

You should also consider taking your baby on walks outside, such as in your local park or nature reserve. This walk can stimulate their cognitive development and engage their five senses. They are also likely to get a sense of balance, and talking to your baby as you walk can kickstart their language development. It can also help to reduce any stress that your baby might be experiencing and can even help them to sleep better at night. However, to make sure that your baby stays healthy when they are out on a walk, you should apply sunscreen to their skin, especially on sunny days, and you should make sure that they are strapped into their stroller properly to avoid injury.

Vitamin Supplements

Although most formula milk has a high concentration of vitamins, if your baby is breastfed or is having less formula milk than expected, you might consider boosting their vitamin intake with a supplement. For instance, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D can be essential to your baby’s health and supporting their immune systems, and you should also consider investing in these if your baby is vegan or vegetarian. Most babies will be able to take a multivitamin that contains all three of these essential vitamins that can support their growth and development.

A Mother and Baby Group

If you want to support your baby’s development, and they do not get the opportunity to socialize much at home, you should consider attending a mother and baby group with them. This mother and baby group can encourage their movement and creativity and can help their language and communication skills, as well as skills such as sharing and caring about others. These groups can also support new mothers by allowing you to have fun and connect with your baby and giving you the chance to speak to other moms about any worries you have and about your baby’s development.

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