Everything You Need To Know About STIs

It is part of responsible adulthood that, when you become sexually active, you always seek to protect yourself and other people and one of the major talking points surrounding such a subject is that of sexually transmitted infections.

With this being said, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about STIs.


What Exactly Is An STI?

Essentially a sexually transmitted infection, or STI, is a disease that is, in the vast majority of cases, acquired when two people have sex.

STIs can either be caused by parasites, bacteria or viruses and can pass from person to person via vaginal fluids, semen, blood or indeed other bodily fluids.

Like other medical issues not just relating to sexual health, there is a varying degree of different severity to different STIs which is why, if you think you may have contracted one, it is important to define exactly which one it is.


Discretion With A Diagnosis

It may be possible that you, or else someone you know well, is currently experiencing signs and symptoms of other issues relating to their sexual health that are not STI specific, whether they are male or female.

For example, men who suffer with sporadic or even seemingly constant erectile dysfunction can sometimes feel as if they are too embarrassed to seek professional medical attention, in person, by making an appointment with their doctor. Wonderfully, however, there is now a new and discreet alternative, in the form of reputable and renowned online chemists, such as chemist click, who can talk you through a diagnosis and prescribe treatments that can be delivered directly to your door.

The Most Common STIs In The United States

The top four most common types of sexually transmitted diseases that are currently most often recorded in the United States include chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV and genital warts.


Of the five common sexually transmitted infections in the US, chlamydia is the second most common infection of all and according to a study conducted in 2017, over 1.7 million cases of chlamydia were reported.


Gonorrhea is another common sexually transmitted infection which is also caused by a bacterial virus. Gonorrhea is perhaps one of the more concerning STIs and in fact can actually cause severe problems in both men and women and can cause lasting and damaging effects when left undiagnosed and indeed untreated. One of the most serious and long-lasting effects which gonorrhea has been known to cause is that of infertility across both genders.


HPV, which stands for human papillomavirus, is a sexually transmitted infection which is passed from person to person through skin-on-skin contact and affect the mouth, throat and genitals or else a combination of the three.

Genital Warts

Genital warts are caused by viruses and thankfully are the easiest of the STIs listed in this article to get rid of. What is more, just because an individual has contracted genital warts in the past, this by no means increases their risk of contracting it again.


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