Never Underestimate the Influence of Steel Door for Sale in Kenya

You Can Get Steel Doors in Different Prices, Color, and Shape. Steel Doors Have Become the Most Sought Doors in Kenya. They are Pocket Friendly and Durable. You Can Get One from Authorized Dealers at Any Time. The Steel Doors are Commonly Used as Entry Doors. They Offer Maximum Security and Have a Long Life.

What Are Steel Doors?

Steel Doors are very heavy doors. They are made up of steel skin, polystyrene, or polyurethane core. The doors have a steel gauge of about 16 to 24. The doors are used for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.

Steel Doors have a long span of life. They can be effective for about 30 years if they are well maintained. The price of these doors is factored by the thickness of the materials used. They are installed in the exterior and interior places of the building.


Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Steel Door

Steel Doors are used in different places. You can use them in homes, schools, stores, factories, among other places.  When purchasing a Steel Door, you have to look at different factors. Below are things to look at when buying a Steel Door.

  • Price – purchase the door according to your budget.
  • Where the door is to be installed – use proper measurement when buying your doors. Steel Doors Cannot be adjusted easily to fit.
  • Maintenance – look for doors that are easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Legit dealers – buy your Steel Door from recognized sellers. This will protect you from fake products.

Benefits of Steel Doors

Steel Doors come with a lot of advantages. They are the best and widely used in Kenya. Listed below are the benefits of using Steel Doors.

They offer good security. The doors are hard to break through which guarantees maximum security.

The Doors are durable. They have a life span of about 30 years. They are coated with polyester epoxy powder which has a lot of strength.

They are available in different colors. You have to choose the one that is attractive to you.

They have an energy insulating factor. They are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

They reduce noise pollution. The doors offer sound reduction.

The Steel Doors are resistant to bullets and chemicals.

The Doors are easy to clean and maintain. You need to paint them regularly.

They are resistant to fire and are good for all weather.

Steel Doors have good grade thermal joints making them highly effective.

Disadvantages of Steel Doors

Steel Doors need to be taken care of to reduce damage and give them a long life. The following are disadvantages of Steel Doors.

Steel is highly corrosive. Steel doors rust when they come into contact with wet materials. This makes them appear unattractive. You can paint to give them a new look. The doors get dents if they fall on sharp objects. The dents need to be repaired.

Steel Doors are cost which needs capital to install. The standard price ranges from $150 to $300 which can be expensive to low-income earners.


Steel Doors gives you security satisfaction. They are durable which saves you a lot of money. They come in different designs that make them fit where you need to install them. If you need to replace your doors, Steel Doors for sale in Kenya are the best choice for you.

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