Le Iene Show episode of 9 February

A few days ago as I was leaving the house to come to this studio for the first time, I greeted my son with a kiss. Santiago always makes little scenes at me every time I have to leave him, and that evening he asked me: “Mom but where are you going?” I’m going to do that thing I’ve always told you about! At that point, he calmed down, and with his eyes shining he said to me: “Your dream mom?” Yes, my dream love! Hyenas have been my dream ever since I arrived in Italy, and looking at the guys who wear this uniform, I’ve always wanted to be one of them. Because being a Hyena means being on the side of the weakest, of those who need help, and don’t know how to ask for it. This show tries to change things, to make people think, angry but also entertain. And something that goes beyond the show, it’s a big family, my new family! I would like to be part of it with all my commitment, fun, lightness, and joy that are never lacking in my life. For this, I promise to give you all the love I am capable of!
A nice opening speech by the beautiful Belen Rodriguez new co-host of the Hyenas together with Teo Mammucari. A dream come true as you revealed in this speech.

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Belen Rodriguez a Tu si Que Vales. Sadek is the winner of this 2021 edition of Tu si Que Vales. She has more than 221 thousand followers on Instagram, there are many videos, one of the most recent being the performance she achieved in this final.
Superb Belen Rodriguez, very elegant, as well as  Maria De Filippi and Sabrina Ferilli. The program is live and some gaffe for Belen is inevitable. On social media, there are still people who would no longer want Belen to run because she doesn’t fit!
But let’s get to the best of this edition. I must say that perhaps I have never watched the program so much, the credit goes to little Giovannino, who entertained many viewers with the skits between him and Sabrina Ferilli, became a Star!
In Listen to TV, Dancing with the Stars loses again this time, but Maria De Filippi’s program is finally over!


Verissimo first episode on September 18th Why does Verissimo get so many record ratings? A main ingredient is certainly the Exclusives, such as today with the beautiful Belen Rodriguez, in her first TV interview after giving birth.

Silvia Toffanin has always been elegant and perfect at the helm of this program for 15 years, now also broadcast on Sunday, in the space of Domenica Live, which by now always lost with Raiuno. We’ll see if Silvia will be able to contrast the beautiful Francesca Fialdini with her Da noi a Ruota Libera.

Belen tells of the misfortune that happened to him after giving birth, during the recording of an episode of Tu si que vales, she fell ill, and was taken to hospital, after exams she discovered that she was dehydrated, she could risk a lot she confesses! blockquote Antonino has a strong character unfortunately, he is a bit tough, in the couple he wants to lead him!

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