Does Your Elderly Parent Need More Support?

You often notice yourself getting older. It becomes rather obvious when you feel aches and pains that weren’t there previously or a gray hair that you hadn’t spotted before. It’s not just you that’s getting older, though – it’s your parents, too. 

Growing old is a natural part of life, but it may also come with additional requirements. If your elderly parent isn’t as fit and able as they once were, they may need more support than they currently have. So, how do you tell? Consider the following signs.  

They Complain of Loneliness 

If your parent complains that they don’t have someone to talk to throughout the day, that’s a sign they may need additional care, particularly in the form of a companion. With home care for seniors, you can hire caregivers that focus on companionship and assistance with general daily tasks. Not only would it help their social needs, but it could also prevent an accident from occurring in the home. 

They Don’t Leave the House 

Never leaving the house is never a good sign. It can, unfortunately, occur in the elderly, especially if they suffer from limited mobility. It’s important to get to the root of why your elderly parent no longer leaves the house, but the chances are, you’ll need to find them more support. 

They Have Sustained an Injury 

Anybody who sustains an injury can suddenly require extra support. That is especially true of the elderly. If your parent has injured themselves, you need to consider how they will get around and perform their daily tasks. You may need to hire an in-house caregiver to assist them while they recover. 

They Keep Forgetting Things 

No one likes the idea of their parents getting old, especially their minds. It’s important to face it if it does happen, though. If your elderly parent keeps forgetting things, and it’s becoming more frequent, consider that they may need professional help. The cause might be something simple, or it might be because of something more serious.  

They Aren’t Taking Their Medications 

If your elderly parent has medications to take and they do not take them, that is the time to step in. They must take their prescription medication on time every time. Otherwise, their health is at risk. If they struggle to remember, and you can’t find a way around reminding them, consider that they might need someone there to help them take it. 

Their Home is Not Well Kept 

If your once tidy, well-kept parent’s house is now a mess, it’s usually a sign of mental or physical stress. They might have a mental illness, or their mobility issues might make it so they cannot perform their household chores. Either way, it is a definite sign that they need extra support. 

Realizing that your parent – the one who raised you – needs support is never easy. The kind of support they need depends on their particular situation. They might just need you to check on them more often, they might need the assistance of a home caregiver, or they might live better in a care home. Either way, it’s essential to make the right choice for their health and happiness.

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