Magic Rampage

Video games have become one of the most loved and popular platforms around the world in the 21st century. They are known to bring people and communities together, through the internet despite being physically apart from each other. Video games are frowned upon due to accusation such as making youngsters addicts to video games, corruption of mental and physical health etc. 

But let me tell you, video games have been proven to provide players and kids with numerous benefits. Back in the good old days everyone got together and played real games outside. However, due to busy lives and the current situation of the world, playing real games have been neglected and ignored. Thanks to the development of technology, kids nowadays still get to live their childhood playing video games at the comfort of their own home. 

Video games have proven to improve many soft skills among gamers. Such as memory power, since many video games require serious strategy and concentration, problem solving skills, decision making skills, social skills and many more. These skills also have helped gamers apply these techniques in real life situations that have made them successful in numerous instances.

Android TV Games

For the love of all gamers, Asantee has brought to you the all-new Magic Rampage on the android app store for a roller coaster of action-filled, fun-packed adventure. 

Magic Rampage just as the name suggests, offers its players a fast-paced action gameplay that will ensure to keep them up on their toes with an adrenaline rush gushing through their veins. The game comprises of dozens of customised characters, weapons and also dungeons to provide a fun-filled adventure to explore. You can also play on the online competitive mode that connects you with players around the world to compete throughout the game and choose the champion of adventure! The game also supports gamepads, joysticks and many more tools to provide the best and most exiting gaming experience

Magic Rampage is not only fun but is also challenging and comprises of super tough monsters and bosses that are impossible to fight over which makes the game even more interesting and adventurous. 

You can also level up and upgrade all your equipment, armour, and gear. The salesman in the shop offered by the game will provide all the above and shall be the most crucial, on all your fights and challenges awaiting you. One of the most interesting features of video games is the ability to experience all the excitement, fun, adventure, and danger, from the safety and comfort of your own home. Magic Rampage and its exciting adventure will sure make you divert your mind from all terrors of reality and delve into a world full of excitement!

Download Magic Rampage for TV

This is one of the best RPG games that you can really enjoy using Android TV and Fire TV. Does not require high end or gaming TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV. Magic Rampage works smoothly on any Android TV box or stick.

You can use Play Store on Android TV and Google TV to download this game. For Fire TV devices like Fire TV Stick, Fire TV cube and all can use Amazon App Store. If you are unable to download this game using any of those options you can use FileSynced, UnLinked or AppLinked.

You can either find TV code to access store that has this game on FileSynced and AppLinked apk or create your own store and add Magic Rampage TV APK.

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