Legitimate Reasons to Begin Using an Email Productivity Tool

Have you been hearing plenty about some of the best desktop apps for Gmail and email productivity tools but confused if you should dip your toes in and experience it yourself? Well, here’s why you should get rid of your doubts and give email task managers a try today. 

Some Reasons You Need To Start Using Email Productivity Tools This Age And Day: 

  • You receive plenty of junk mail

According to statistics, about less than 38 percent of emails received daily in any email are relevant. The rest of the percent of emails received are all junk mail. Quite often, finding the email that is of genuine use to you can be a hassle in a crowd of irrelevant emails. Going through these unwanted emails can take up plenty of time, and in the process, people tend to lose their productivity, which technically incurs expenses. On average companies spend about $1200 per employee on spam and unnecessary emails yearly. By getting an email productivity tool such as buying the best desktop app for Gmail, you can cut out the process of filtering emails and easily find the emails that are relevant to work. 

  • Routine follows up emails.

Business communications are one of the most important facets of a business, as more than half of the emails are sent and received each year. Most companies also conduct a majority of business communications using emails, and failure to receive the email timely could hamper the efficiency of the system and bring projects to a standstill if not managed timely. Using an email task manager app can help you segregate all emails into different categories and filters, perfect for you to respond to each email in a time so that no business communication goes unanswered. They keep up the routine follow up through the email system.

  • See difficulty in prioritizing tasks.

Sometimes, with the influx of different emails that are even segregated into different categories, one could miss out on a deadline by the time one responds to the emails. Therefore, it is only right to get a perfect email productivity tool for you that also does the task of segregation according to priority, letting you know which tasks to prioritize upon and which one’s to handle later in the day. 

  • Too Many subscription emails

If you are still using your old email or have subscribed to plenty of newsletters and industry-specific emails to keep you updated and in the loop, then you may want to go ahead and purchase the right email task management tool which can help you to keep away subscriptions emails entirely out of your inbox and filtered into another section for light reading when you have the time available to read it. 

These are all legitimate reasons for you to consider purchasing an email productivity tool that can significantly improve your productivity on any working day. 

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