Influencer, Mobeen Mian, lands a deal of collaborations, based on the #Focuseddd promotional tour in 2021.

Mobeen Mian, now is in grad school completing his Masters in 2021, has led his team #FOCUSEDDD consistently promoting projects and start-ups since 2017. Partnering with known organizations such as Metrocrest services, public schools and students who are in low-income areas, and nonprofits, has been the foundation of making a difference within the community for the brand. Mobeen Mian explains that the tour will be a consistent yearly move and project for the team and that it only gives them a basis of larger organizational collaborations.

Through different platforms not only as a media production company for profit, but as also a motivational movement, organizing canned food events for the homeless, fundraisers, and clothing giveaways in his own city of Dallas, Texas.
The #Focuseddd media brand is a registered firm founded by Mobeen Mian, which specializes in videography, photography, customized clothing, sports sponsorships, event planning, and social media branding. Best part? Every project the production company focuses on capturing uplifting and inspirational content in a person’s life that can be used to promote and spread positive messages to others. Through stories, interviews, and numerous media projects, students, entrepreneurs, artists, and even athletes have all been a part of the #Focuseddd journey.

Mobeen Mian, founder of #Focuseddd, and team, traveled to New York City to meet and interview with the manager and owner of the New Black Wall Street, Dr. Ricco Wright, ahead of the grand opening of the gallery on May 27th, 2021. Customized shirts were displayed for the attendees, and news coverage was made for the event. This was a follow up collaboration with Dr Ricco Wright and team #Focuseddd. In 2020, Mobeen Mian, and team, produced a film of Dr Ricco Wright at his second gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The video itself reached a buzzing number over 10,000 views on YouTube and was during the political race of Dr Wright in Tulsa during the time as well.

With initiatives leading to only successful collaborations, the #Focuseddd promotion team covered ‘The Art Soiree” , an art exhibit hosted by Joshua Garcia of InspiredLBC at the Ice House Arts Complex in Long Beach, California.

After the showcase on the West Coast, the media team seek promotions in Denver, CO. Interviewing and following up with artists,  musicians, and vendors at the largest event in Colorado, the Evergreen Music Festival. The family Festival running for over 31 years, is in collaboration with JeffCo Public Health and Evergreen Parks & Rec in the city of Evergreen.

While the group is not on the road for tour,  the #Focuseddd team continue to promote “The Dallas Open Mic” show every Tuesday night in the city of Dallas, with Charlie Rihoo, who is the founder of the event, and owner of Rihoo Records.

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