7 Tips To Make The Most Of Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is not just the practice of asanas, it is a deep spiritual art that has helped millions unlock their true potential. The sacred art of yoga contains in-depth knowledge of the human existence including its physical, mental, and spiritual nature. It is a major reason why you should enroll in a yoga instructor certification program.

The yoga instructor certification provides you all the necessary skills to advance your knowledge of yoga and become a certified yoga teacher. Moreover, it also opens up doors to employment for you as a qualified yoga teacher. However, there are some guidelines you should adhere to become the best yoga teacher.

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That said, let us focus on what you need to do to make the most of the yoga teacher training.

7 Tips To Successfully Complete The YTT

To make the most of your yoga teacher training, you must adhere to specific guidelines to earn the yoga teacher certification.

With that said, given below are seven tips to help you make the most of the YTT.

1. Regular Yoga Practice

Before joining a yoga school for the Yoga Alliance certification, you have to get in the best physical shape to keep up with the classes. No, you don’t need to spend hours and weeks in an intensive yoga session. However, you do need to develop a consistent yoga practice routine to prepare your body and mind for intensive yoga practice.

2. Maintain A Journal

Remember, the yoga teacher training requires you to maintain a journal to help you remember each class and save time for the next session. It helps you gain an insight into the current yoga practice. Moreover, you are able to focus on questions and concerns to achieve more clarity regarding the obstacles to your practice of yoga.

3. Know What To Expect From The YTT

With a yoga instructor certification, the best way to learn and practice in-depth concepts of yoga is by learning the maximum about the program. You should research beyond what the yoga school’s website has to offer, and try connecting with someone who has already completed the course. It will help you get a first-hand account of what the program contains.

4. Attend Different Yoga Classes

Before you sign in for the yoga teacher training program, yoga experts recommend you should give different styles of yoga a try. This helps you find the best yoga style which you are comfortable with.

Although the yoga teacher training might help you acquire the skills to teach yoga, trying out a variety of yoga classes would help you get a feel of this sacred art. In short, you don’t need to be an experienced yogi to become a yoga teacher. Still it would do a lot of good to learn about basic yoga poses like Mountain Pose, Downward Dog, and Warrior pose.

5. Have A Support Team Outside The YTT

Although you would hear many students in the Yoga Alliance certification bragging about having connections and support from within the training, you must have support before enrolling in this program.

Share with family and friends about what you intend to do. Remember, yoga also involves a lot of personal transformation. For this, you need a solid support network to keep yourself encouraged regarding the end goal of training.

6. Spend Time On Self-Reflection

This is an important aspect of the yoga teacher training program. You need to have solid reason as to why you want to join this course and what you want to achieve. In other words, set a clear intention for the training.

Moreover, ask yourself questions like;

  • How would you feel at the end of the yoga teacher training program?
  • What skills do you want to gain from the training?
  • How do you intend to bring your best self into this course?

Yoga experts recommend doing this as it helps you prepare mentally for yoga teacher training program. It also helps you dive deeper into yoga practice.

7. Let Go Of Distractions

To complete the Yoga Alliance certification, it is important for you to leave the stress at the door of the yoga school. Yoga experts recommend you should let go of anything that distracts you, be it your smartphone, laptop, or anything else tying you down. In other words, just let go of everything that is holding you down.


Do you want to take the current knowledge of yoga to another level? It is time you enroll in the yoga instructor certification program to learn everything about yoga.

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