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Learn all about what makes Moroccan rugs unique?

Rugs, carpets, foot mats, all of these home accessories are very crucial for any typical household, and much importance is given when it comes to selecting the rugs and carpets.

Choosing on to what kind of carpet you want for your living space is essential because they mark the aura of the space you put them in. When it comes to something unique and distinctive, how about Moroccan rugs?

If you are from Australia and you are looking for Moroccan rugs, you are making a very good decision. Our website provides great variety of Moroccan rugs.

We provide variety of Beni Ourain Rugs and Berber rugs to our customers.

Why choose Moroccan rugs?

We can’t put our finger on it, everything about these rugs is exquisite and luxurious. But some components and facts might blow you away and persuade you enough to buy a Moroccan rug for your home.


You would be stunned to know that every tribe in Morocco has their kind of rugs such as Berber rug and beni ourain rug would be completely different. This represents their culture in mind-blowing ways, yes people, Moroccan rugs were never about trading for money, but they are more of a cultural staple, which makes the piece even more appealing.

The design.

You want simple? You want, chic? Or maybe you want something extraordinary; you would be able to find all kinds of rugs. This is because the designs and colors are very different, they differ from tribe to tribe, and this is because,


  • Different tribes used different symbols such as an anchor, AXE, any animal or something like that to display several meanings such as hope, strength, kindness etc.


  • The colors also play an essential part; they range from light to dark, sometimes abstract too, and they all have meaning to them.


They are made with love. 

Yes, people, classic Moroccan rugs are not manufactured in companies, as we told you earlier that this was never about selling, it’s about the culture. This is why Moroccan women make the carpets over the carpet frame themselves; the skill is then passed on to the young.

They are perfect for everything. 

You get an all in one surprise with a Moroccan rug; this is because the real carpet is very light but warm, this is because these rugs were traditionally made for people who were mostly nomads, travelling to the cold mountains and then back.

These rugs were used as excellent body covers when the cold was hard to bear. So can you use them as a throw or maybe a foot blanket? Yes, you can! There is only so much a rug could do, but a Moroccan rug is exceptionally significant.

Overall, the vibe matters. 

Moroccan rugs exhibit so much emotion; they have their vibe to uplift the aura of your space. They display love, kindness, strength, failure, and much more. Pretty much everything you would want to feel.


Final verdict.  

These rugs are incredible for someone who wants something unique and distinctive rather than the usual red and beige carpets.  If you want a Berber rug or à Beni Ourain rug from Morocco to Australia, you can get them from our site.

Why buy them? Because of the many types and the culture hidden in every sewing.

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