Guide To Buying Wholesale Wigs Human Hair

Thousands among us choose to wear a wig. The reasons are typical and personal, like hair loss due to advancing age, chemotherapy for treating cancer, lack of nutrition, etc.

China-based NewTimes Hair is a prominent manufacturer of wholesale wigs human hair, and their products have infiltrated the European and American market alike. They offer hair wigs of every size, shape, color, and quality and even customize them according to their buyer’s needs.

Wigs, when worn, should not be too apparent or obvious. Any buyer while buying a wig needs to consider the following aspects to avoid buying an unsuitable product.


Wigs are available in different capsizes, namely, petite, average and large. One needs to measure the circumference of one’s head in inches before choosing the capsize.

Hair Material

There are two kinds of material available- human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair is preferable because it lasts longer, looks completely real and natural, and remains unaffected by any heat-producing machine-like curler, hair-straightener, drier, etc.


There are four basic kinds of bases which you may choose to wear:

1. Hand-Tied

One can make this kind of base custom fit with a soft material. Each strand is tied by hand to the base. It is natural, comfortable, and lightweight.

2. Lace Front

The lace front wig has an invisible hairline set in rows, which is the biggest USP of this kind. It is impossible to differentiate from your natural hair.

3.  Classic

It is not natural-looking but allows ventilation, is machine-made, has density, and is very affordable.

4. Monofilament

It is the best kind and is much more durable. You can set your hair in any direction; it doesn’t break, gives you the most natural look as each strand is sewn in a colorless mesh cap; that is why it is the most premium quality and expensive kind.


The whole point of buying a hair wig is to make you appear more attractive as your hair makes or breaks your look. So, you must choose a wig that suits the shape of your face.

Some like straight and sleek hair, while others like curls with bounces, or bob cut, or waist-length. It all depends on whether you have an oval-shaped face or a heart-shaped one, or round or long, etc.


Your wig color should match your skin tone, which varies from warm to cool to neutral.

To choose mahogany or chestnut brown or blonde or golden or black is a personal choice. NewTimes Hair gives you varied options among their range of wholesale wigs human hair.

Density And lifestyle

Density means the thickness of hair, which ranges from 80% – 250%. A medium thickness would mean 130% – 150%. You may also choose a wig depending on your lifestyle – whether you want a professional look or a glamourous or a sporty or simple one.


A hair wig changes one’s personality, boosts confidence, and empowers us with positivity at a time when unwanted hair trouble may enslave us to lingering depression. Moreover, with the above-given guide, you can quickly choose the right hairpiece for yourself while also restoring naturalness to your appearance!

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