Best Spiritual Healing Methods You Must Know About

Every person vibrates at a certain frequency. Some feel love, abundance, or prosperity. Hence these people vibrate at a much higher frequency. On the other hand, some seek vengeance, fear, anger, or hatred. These are all results of toxicity or negativity that keep you at lower frequency. That is where spiritual healing comes into action. However, there are various spiritual healing methods out there.

So, to help you out, the below-mentioned are some of the best spiritual healing methods you can try. Just keep one thing in mind. Stay with a single method for some time to witness visible results. Don’t just keep hopping from one method to the other. Keep reading.

Different Spiritual Healing Methods You Can Try

Pranic Healing

The human body has an unlimited amount of life-sustaining energy. You can also call it life force. In Pranic Healing, you use your body’s life force energy to get rid of all the negative emotions from your body.

It cleans the energy and purifies the aura of a person practicing Pranic Healing. This is a spiritual healing method that uses energy to purify a soul.

Reiki Healing

Made up of two Japanese words, Reiki can be broken down into ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’. The words signify ‘God’s wisdom’ and ‘energy’ respectively. It also functions on the concept of energy healing along with the traditional medicinal application.

Reiki healing requires a lot of hand movements. Moreover, specific hand signals are made to channel the energy. Further, it is influential in healing cold, flu, or aches from a body.

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Certain stones or crystals are used to wipe out the negative energy from your body. Crystals of different shapes and sizes are used for different body parts. These crystals have energy-absorbing qualities.

Hence, they are quite useful whenever you feel low, sad, angry, or frustrated. Thus, it is one of those spiritual healing methods that use an object to nullify negative energy. Moreover, crystals are used for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Singing Bowls

The basic idea behind this spiritual healing method is the use of vibrations or frequencies. Singing bowls of varying sizes are used for various purposes. Usually, a person places multiple-sized singing bowls beside a person’s head.

Then, using a gong-like thing that circles on the inside corners of the bowls. That produces symphonies, sounds, and vibrations of varying degrees. Hence, it leads to the relaxation of tensed muscles. Moreover, it has a soothing effect on the mind and body along with spiritual balance.

Quantum Healing Therapy

In this spiritual healing method, resonance, breathing, and visualization are abundantly used. The basic concept behind this form of spiritual healing is to take your brain in a positive field. Thus, it requires a guided meditation where an orator narrates instructions.

Moreover, Quantum healing therapy has a direct positive impact on your immune system. Hence, you witness overall balanced hormone levels. Moreover, it improves your imagination, concentration, and focus through the use of visualization.

Mantra Chanting

The concept of mantra chanting works similarly to the idea of singing bowls. The sole purpose is to feel the vibrations that emit or are produced while chanting mantras. Further, the vibrations relax your senses and calm you down.

Chanting mantras removes negative vibes by using positive vibrations. For instance, chanting the AUM mantra can release stress, anxiety, and over thinking. Moreover, you become mindful when you chant different mantras.

Spiritual Healing Mistakes You Must Avoid

  • Do not juggle between different spiritual healing methods
  • First, learn and then apply the knowledge of various methods
  • If you feel stuck, ask for help from an experienced spiritual master
  • You have to leave expectations before starting the practice
  • Every spiritual healing method takes a different time to work, so, do not push things

These are some of the mistakes that people make. They seek quick results. In turn, they feel let down.


The above-mentioned are some of the spiritual healing methods that you can try. Moreover, if you want to learn more about these, you can simply enroll in the Yoga Alliance teacher training course. This is going to help you have an in-depth insight into things related to spiritual healing.

Make sure you take things slow and be consistent. Over time, you become a radiant being with a bright aura.

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