7 Yoga Mistakes You Should Avoid For Better Results

Have you ever thought about why you might not be progressing at yoga practice? Well, guess what! You might be committing a lot of mistakes. Many people are not even aware of mistakes they commit while practicing yoga until someone tells them.

If you want to improve your yoga practice, check out the following mistakes. Go through the points given below and introspect how many of these were you doing. Keep reading.

Yoga Mistakes You Must Avoid

No Warm-Ups

It is the most common mistake beginner yoga practitioners commit. They just dive directly into yoga practice without warming up their bodies. Moreover, they do not even practice free body movements to master the body movements.

In turn, it could lead to injuries. So, what you must do is either jog or do some static stretching exercises. This heats your body and makes it ready to do the workout. Furthermore, warming up improves the blood flow of your body that enhances body movement.

Body Alignment

Having a perfect form is of utter importance while practicing yoga. Many yoga practitioners do not align their muscles or joints while performing asanas. Hence, they do not get the most out of their practice and contact the best physiotherapy clinic sittingbourne.

Thus, practicing with a poor form is the most common yoga mistake you must avoid. It can lead to injury or slow progress. Therefore, you need to align your joints such that they can move freely while practicing asanas.

Engaging Different Muscles

Energy flows through your body. Therefore, if your body is loose, energy gets leaked. Hence, your performance decreases even if you are working really hard.

Thus, you must engage different muscle groups for optimum performance. For instance, while doing the Plank pose, you need to push your scapula muscles, engage core, hips, calves, and chest muscles.

Jerking the Body

Another common yoga mistake people make is they jerk their bodies while doing a movement. Jerking could lead to injuries, muscle or ligament tear, or much worse, a nerve pull.

So, you must practice a seamless yoga practice. For instance, while practicing yoga for seniors beginners, you must focus on a strong mind-body connection. It is going to favor your more than jerky movements.,

Untimely Eating

Eating is necessary, however, eating time plays a huge role in how fast or slow you will grow. Untimely eating is another major yoga mistake you might be doing when it comes to yoga practice.

In the present scenario, people rely too much on pre or post-workouts. That is the issue, You cannot just gulp down food half an hour or less before working out. Take your solid meal more than an hour before your yoga practice.

Uncomfortable Clothing

What you wear is going to play a major role in your yoga practice. There is a lot of difference in yoga apparel or clothes for the gym.

Therefore, make sure you should wear comfortable clothing so that you can move freely. Furthermore, ensure you wear quality clothes. Use fabric that is easy on your skin. The worst yoga mistake that you can do is to wear clothes that can interfere with your yoga practice.

Forgetting Breathing at All

Breathing is the most important element of a yoga practice. So, make sure you practice proper breathing exercises. If you want to learn more, you can learn about various yoga breathing exercises for beginners.

You get maximum results when you breathe in properly. Moreover, your muscles expand and respond in an optimum way while breathing perfectly. Therefore, breathing uncontrollably or not breathing at all is the worse yoga mistake.


Yoga mistakes cannot be unseen. You have to omit them if you want to succeed without any problem. Moreover, you can seek the help of fellow practitioners to observe your practice. That way you can identify whether you are practicing with a perfect form or not.

Just make sure you get rid of these mistakes one by one. Do not let even a single mistake seep into your routine. Otherwise, you might take months to progress or might fall victim to any injury. Hence, to remain free of any accidents, you have to keep progressing in a linear phase. Keep practicing consistently at your pace without committing any mistakes for faster results.

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