How to plan your NCERT studies?

How to plan your NCERT studies?

Studying is a daily activity. Studying is also part of our daily routine. One must have a proper schedule or routine for studying. Good learners will have proper study techniques and habits that help them to score higher grades. Studying a day before the examination is not the appropriate method of studying. Inculcating good study habits at the initial stage aids in maintaining the study routine forever.

Organise the study space

The study space must consist of the books that are required to study with basic study materials like pens, pencils, erasers, graphs, calculator, etc. For instance when one has planned to study the physics topic motion then the books related to the concerned topic must be taken,  also a separate book must be maintained for noting down the points while studying. In the study space, one must keep the things aside that create distractions like mobile phones, tablets, video games etc. The study space should comprise limited and necessary items related to the study.

Daily study

One must have the habit of studying daily. If one studies a little bit every day the student will have a habit of continually reviewing things and that makes the concept crystal clear. This helps in a better understanding of the concepts. It also helps to avoid the stress of last-minute cramming. Setting up an appropriate framework for studying daily and practising helps for scoring higher marks and leads to a better understanding of the lessons.

Work on things that you don’t know

We all face difficulties in a few chapters. Instead of ignoring them and leaving them completely, it is better to spend some time with those chapters daily and resolve those queries. For instance, if one faces difficulties in NCERT chapter 9 force and laws of motions so the learner can spend little time daily on this lesson rather than finishing the entire chapter at once. Revising and reading little about the concepts engraves the concepts in our minds.

Read, Revise and Review

Once a week read the completed chapters, revise it and later review how much one is clear about the chapters. By doing this one will get to know where he stands and this enables him to read more and develops an interest in the subject. This 3 R studying principle is very helpful while preparing for examination as well as day to day study routine.

Take regular breaks

It is mandatory to take breaks while you’re studying. Mainly if one feels tired or exhausted. Studying too long on a task can decrease the concentration level of the mind. When a break is taken one must move away from your desk or study space. A bit of physical activity like a walk around the house or room, stretching yourself, having a glass of water, talking to someone for a few minutes can refresh the mind and body. This helps in regaining the concentration of the mind and helps to study further.

Avoid procrastinating

Procrastination is one of the main barriers among the youth nowadays. When someone procrastinates, he wastes time that he could be investing in doing something meaningful. This can be avoided by following the schedule properly, by time management and by not taking things casually.


A properly planned study always leads to good grades. The study habits that one inculcates shapes his academic performance and leads to a good career path. Each and every person has different methods of studying. The study process and methods may go on in any way but the proper plan for study must be followed on a day to day basis and must be followed as a routine.


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