Dr. David Steenblock D.O. Announces a YOUNGERING Break-through in Medical Science

“The Fountain of Youth is in your mind,” famed actress Sophia Loren once said, but that was many years ago and today the actual reversal of the aging process is becoming a real reality! 

Aging is commonly associated with fatigue, cognitive functional decline, and chronic tissue oxygen starvation. Much of these symptoms are due to the gradual loss of a variety of growth factors beginning already when we are in our 30’s and 40’s and which gradually disappear when we are in the last few years of our lives. These stem cell derived growth factors promote tissue regeneration and especially the repair of the smallest arterioles and capillaries that supply the vital oxygen your cells need to be able to convert the food you eat into the energy that allows you to function as you once did. Because of this, many doctors are using Human Growth Hormone injections as well as other hormones like testosterone and estrogen to help stop the ravages of aging but unfortunately most of these age related lost hormones are not available to be used for our aging bodies at this time (except for umbilical cord stem cells which do produce these missing growth factors. 

Peptides are also becoming more and more used for these purposes, but their use is still not clear and in general are currently considered experimental. Various supplements like NAD+, NMN, glutathione, N-acetylcysteine, glycine, nicotinamide, ginseng, Astragalus, deer antler extracts, and sheep placenta all seem to help to some degree with helping us put off the age-related decline we all tend toward as we get older. Unfortunately, these just do not reverse the aging process like pure stem cells do and even they can not put off all of your aging problems forever, it would appear.  

Dr. David Steenblock, D.O. has worked for the last forty years on advancing the Youngering process. His advice is as follows:        

Young happy woman having hyperbaric oxygen therapy at health spa.  

“Oxidative stress is a confusing term but in essence describes that oxygen in excess or in reaction with heavy metals, iron or copper produces free radicals which are molecules with an unpaired extra electron that have the ability to adhere to another molecule and cause metabolic havoc. An easier way and more practical way of thinking of this important aspect of the aging process is to think of a bonfire in the fall. When your pile of leaves is first set on fire, the fire roars, throws off lots of heat and light and hardly any smoke. This illustrates almost complete efficiency of burning in that the leaves are getting lots of oxygen so they can burn most of the leaf material; therefore producing no free radicals since this fire is efficient in converting plant material into energy. On the other hand, if you now dump more leaves on top of the fire, the fire immediately turns from a brightly burning fire into a pile of smoking leaves with black smoke and cinders flying up into the air. This is incomplete combustion and is comparable to the way our bodies are functioning as we get older and older. Our tissues no longer get enough oxygen and this prevents complete burning of our food resulting in “biological smoke” that causes most of the disease associated with aging.

A little known branch of medicine is called “ADAPTIVE MEDICINE”  and can be likened to exercise. The first day of exercise you may hurt all over for 1-3 days but as you keep it up your body adjusts and you get stronger and healthier.  Adaptive medicine uses OXYGEN to help make the body stronger by simulating the effects that a moderate level of oxygen deficiency creates in your body. Oxygen deficiency causes certain genes to be “turned on”. These are called “HYPOXIA INDUCIBLE GENES” and are responsible for stimulating the generation of new small blood vessels to the hypoxic tissues of the body. If a person is given very thin air to breathe as if they are standing on top of a mountain at 12,000 feet, the body reacts by producing the growth factors to make new tine blood vessels – to give the tissues the oxygen they need to function properly.  This technique is also called “ISCHEMIC PRECONDITIONING” and can help prevent people from dying of a heart attack since by having an hour per day of intermittent hypoxia the heart becomes almost immune from having a serious heart attack since this procedure generates millions of new capillaries in the heart muscle which protects it from a sudden heart attack and death.

The mechanism of action is consequential hypoxia and then the return to normal air stimulates these capillary growth factors which make your body much more efficient at using the food you eat to make energy. This office based technique is called high altitude training and is used by Olympians to beat their competition but it is even more useful for those wanting to stay young and vigorous. 

Recently Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to do even more then high-altitude training in that it has been shown that daily 90 minute treatments in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber actually lengthens a person’s telomeres which should help extend your life. HBOT also helps stop and reverse autoimmune diseases and helps the body rid itself of chronic unresolved infections that are causing the chronic inflammation associated with aging and most diseases.”

While Dr. Steenblock is known as the formative expert, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been demonstrated to significantly enhance the performance of older adults by many practicing doctors. A study in July 2021 by The Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at Shamir Medical Center, together with the Sackler School of Medicine and Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University, announced today that a peer-reviewed study has demonstrated that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can significantly enhance the cognitive performance of healthy older adults. The clinical trial consisted of 63 healthy adults who went through HBOT, or a control period for 2 months. A change in general cognitive function was noticed and measured by a comprehensive battery of assessments before and after the HBOT or control.

HBOT and its ability to restore brain function has been demonstrated to improve and treat brain injuries such as stroke, and traumatic brain injury by increasing brain blood flow and metabolism by way of the formation of new blood vessels to their hypoxic brain tissues. During the 1990’s Dr. Steenblock treated over 2000 chronic stroke patients with daily hyperbaric oxygen with over 90% of those patients seeing significant improvements.

The clinic of Dr. David Steenblock in San Clemente, CA has utilized HBOT and other therapies to treat both stroke, TBI and anti-aging, as well as other diseases including but not limited to cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, MS, dementia,  ALS, Alzheimer’s as well as non-healing wounds.

The process of utilizing HBOT increases oxygen in the blood that travels throughout the body and has the patients breathe in pure oxygen in a chamber where the air pressure is increased to twice that of normal air. A typical treatment lasts 60-90 minutes and is safe and painless. Patients often enjoy watching their favorite television show during the treatment.  

Aging is generally characterized by two major processes; first is the telomeres (protective regions at the end of every chromosome) which start to shorten, and second is that old and stress-induced malfunctioning cells start to accumulate in the body. When cells are terribly damaged, they enter a protective state during which they stop dividing, before dying a natural death. These are called senescent cells and if we can remove them, your body can replace them with healthy cells which can have a major effect on reversing the aging process.  

Daily treatments of  HBOT have been noticed to induce regenerative effects (such as growing new hair on the head of a bald man,)  proving that the aging process can be reversed at the basic cellular and molecular level. During the clinical study, just two months of HBOT was able to elongate the telomeres at rates way beyond any interventions or lifestyle currently available. 

Oxygen is also an important component in treatment of aging skin, skin rejuvenation and improvement of skin complexion. HBOT is also one of the safest treatments available when used by trained professionals. This is probably why the use of HBOT has permeated the skincare market. Since HBOT is essentially the application of oxygen, the interest in its use for the purpose of aging is growing and becoming widespread. HBOT is trusted by both health professionals and other specialists, is safe and noninvasive and is guaranteed to increase oxygen levels to all organs of the body. It is natural therapy with healing properties and is ideal for treating wounds after injuries or surgeries.

Dr. David Steenblock ’s latest Youngering treatments target all aspects of the aging process, both internally and externally and his staff have even created state of the art PRP treatments for the face which have been shown to leave lasting and beautiful results. A new simple approach to quickly reversing facial aging is the combination of first doing a hyperbaric oxygen treatment and then having umbilical cord stem cells injected into the wrinkles of your face. This combo provides great facial rejuvenation results in only a 3-4 hour procedure in the office.

HBOT is an FDA approved medical treatment that enhances lifesaving oxygen and can be found all over the world to treat conditions such as decompression sickness and thermal burns. The study discussed in this article by Professor Shai Efrati remains life changing and revolutionary. a progressive step forward that will hopefully bring about future experimental work. For those interested in learning more about HBOT Therapy for anti-aging and treatment for degenerative disease and other conditions please visit the website of Dr. Steenblock at www.strokedoctor.com or call 949.367.8870 to schedule your consultation today.

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